Incredible Tricks on How To Add Subtitles to a LinkedIn Video

By arya

Subtitles are captions often displayed at the extremity of a screen to transcribe or translate the narrative or dialogue of a concern. They are text obtained from either a screenplay or transcript of the commentary or dialog in video games, television programs, films, and the like, mostly displayed at the base of the screen and in some cases at the furthest up.

In our current, social-media driven generation, including subtitles to your video is a great way to increase your viewership. Based on research, captioned video ads have the potential to increase viewing period by up to 11%. That shows the use of subtitles is an incredible way to increase viewership.

Why Subtitles are Important

Ensuring your video content doesn’t need sound to convey your message is crucial if you want it to appear on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. There are several merits you will reap by adding subtitles to your video including:

1. Accessibility

Based on studies, 2 in 20 individuals are either deaf or hard of hearing. Therefore, without subtitles, there is a possibility that some people watching your video, particularly those with hearing impairments will not understand the intended message.

2. Non-Native Speakers are Watching Too

Chances are that the video you upload on social media will be watched by people from different languages. To increase your viewership therefore, it is essential to add subsidiary language subtitles to the video. This will help optimize your video content for a worldwide audience.

3. Engagement

Most of the videos watched on LinkedIn and other social media platforms are normally viewed on a mute mode. With millions and millions of videos being watched on LinkedIn each day, it’s important to create videos which work both with and without sound. This will ensure your viewers have several alternatives connected to how they react to your message.

How to Include Subtitles to Your LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn videos are set often to auto-play on silent mode. Therefore, including subtitles to the videos you post on LinkedIn will help increase watch time. If you’re planning to upload your videos on LinkedIn, here are several tips to applying if you want to add subtitles on them:

Step#1: Uploading Your Video to a Reliable Transcription Software

There are several dependable companies such as audio to text converter online Audext offering great transcription solutions. Audext is an automated transcription service that will help you transcribe audio to text. Just visit Audext or any other audio to text converter online and you’ll get a straightforward explanation on how to convert audio file.

Step#2: Making Edits

Most automated transcription service providers have an interactive editor to help you make minor edits to your text file. Whilst Audext offers near 100 percent accurate transcription, in some cases it may fail to locate the proper spelling for unusual correct names. However, the good news is that after transcription is done, Audext offers an editing alternative and therefore you can edit your text file if you find it necessary.

Step#3: Exporting your Text to the SRT File

After your audio file is converted, you have made minor edits and you’re satisfied with the final text, export it to the SRT file you’ll find on Audext or the transcription service you will use. The SRT file will enable you to include the subtitles in your LinkedIn account.

Step#4: Uploading Both the SRT File and Video

From your LinkedIn Account Dashboard, tap on the camera icon and you’ll get the option to upload your video. Upload your video and select the individuals and networks you want to view the post. It is also important you add several hashtags so that viewers can search your post easily. Once the video preview appears, look for the pencil icon in your LinkedIn account and tap it. Click elect File’ from the options you get to attach your SRT file, and then click ave’. From your LinkedIn Account Dashboard, click ost’ and the subtitles will appear any time your video is being viewed.

Audext is an audio to text converter online software that transcribes automatically popular audio files to text. Though Audext is among the best transcription service providers, it will not transcribe any audio accompanied by background noise. However, it can recognize speakers and design the transcription text file in accordance with the speech of the speakers. Use Audext today to transcribe your audio to text so that you can benefit from what this automated transcription service offers.