5 Los Angeles Interior Design Styles

Some design styles are strong in particular areas, such as the coastal design found in the Hamptons. There are also design styles commonly found in Los Angeles and an interior design firm Santa Barbara can help you transform your home with one of these styles.

1.Modern and Sleek

Many homes in the Los Angeles area feature a modern design with sleek elements such as glass and steel. These homes also have a minimalistic approach to furnishings and décor. Oftentimes, a neutral color palette is used to really open the space and make it light. Top interior designers in Santa Monica can help you achieve this design style in your home.

2.Hollywood Glam

A style directly attributed to the Hollywood lifestyle is Hollywood glam. This features rich fabrics and antique décor. It’s a style that is opulent and head-turning, dramatic and stunning. A Brentwood interior designer can help you choose the best elements to make this style fit your home.

3.Mid-Century Elegance

Another design popular in Los Angeles is a mid-century style. This styles uses simple furnishings that complement the style of the home and work seamlessly with every room. An interior design firm Santa Barbara can add this elegant and minimalistic design to your home.

4.Coastal Living

As Los Angeles in on the coast of California, a coastal design style is always popular. Cool color palettes featuring green, blue and white make up this style. Other features such as wood and anything referring to the beach or ocean are common. The overall feel is light, airy and relaxed.

5.Spanish and Mediterranean

Lastly, many homes feature a Spanish or Mediterranean design. Patterned tiles, ironwork and bold colors such as rich blue, red or burnt orange all make this style come to life.

Design Your Home with Los Angeles Style

Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures and people, reflected in the design styles above. Contact an interior design firm in Santa Barbara to begin designing your home with a Los Angeles style.