How to Get an Australian Partner Visa

By arya

Are you looking for an Australian partner visa? Do you fulfill the conditions of being a de facto partner or a married spouse of an eligible New Zealand citizen, an Australian citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia? If yes, you will be eligible to apply for either a temporary partner visa or a permanent partner visa. There are a few differences between temporary and permanent visa. Here are some of the things that you need to know:

The temporary partner visa is a stepping stone to getting the permanent partner visa. You will not be able to get the permanent visa even if you have legal documents of getting married to an Australia resident.

How to get a temporary partner visa in Australia?

Anyone who is a spouse or de facto partner can fill out the temporary passport application in Australia. Once the application is filled out, you need to present the birth certificate where both the names of your parents are provided. If you cannot produce this document, you may provide a family book where the identification names of both the parents are mentioned or an identification document has been issued by the government or the identification pages of the parents from a family census register. You will also have to provide your passport details, the pages of the present passport, and issue and expiry dates of the passport. The documents have to be supported by your national identity card and proof of name change if you have made any.

You will also have to provide full details or proof of your relationship with your partner. Details like when you met, when you moved in, the time you spent apart, and so on have to be mentioned. You will also need to share any joint financial matters that you may have like a joint bank account or loan account or lease documents. Pieces of evidence of common friends and social activities are also required for the application to go through. Also, the commitment of a long-term relationship is needed like your knowledge of each other’s family background, terms of your wills, and proof that the relationship will last long.

Once all the applications are filled out and the documents prepared, you need to apply online for the visa. A confirmation email of online receipt will be sent. You will also get a date to come to Australia to process the temporary visa application.

How to get a permanent partner visa in Australia?

Getting a permanent partner visa is relatively easy because you have already established the fact that you are eligible for a temporary visa because of your relationship with your partner. You can apply for the permanent partner visa as soon as you get the temporary visa. The required documents will be similar to the ones that you presented at the time of temporary visa, but you will not have to mention all the details about your relationship with your partner all over again. You will get an online confirmation receipt in your email and the date will be given to appear for the permanent visa.

That’s all the process you need to know to get an Australian partner visa. Good luck!