How Brands Can Increase Their Instagram Followers

By arya

Instagram is a sweet spot of brands all around the world. If you are a brand and you have just kick-started their journey on Instagram then you need to know how to increase Instagram followers. The following tips will greatly help you to achieve the same.

Share Exclusive brand Announcements on Instagram First

Prefer to use Instagram to share your brand announcements than other social media networks. Encourage your followers to check out your profile and see your exclusive announcement on Instagram. Instagram posts get more engagement than other social media posts.

Work With A Professional Photographer To Create Stunning Visuals

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Instagram is all about visuals. If you want to get success on Instagram, use high-quality images and videos on your profile. If you are not a good photographer, consider hiring a professional photographer to create stunning images. Also, you can hire a freelance videographer for high-quality videos. If you want to increase the number of followers on Instagram, the quality content plays the most important role to achieve the same.

Hire An influencer To Rapidly Increase Account Reach:

Influencer marketing is one of the effective strategies when it comes to increase your post reach and get a number of followers. These days, marketers rely on this strategy and get the desired result. You can also do the same by hiring an influencer to instantly increase your account and post reach.

Create Live Video To Access New Audiences:

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Unlike another content format, Instagram promotes your live video in a different way. Your followers receive the notification when you will share your live video and it is also promoted in the live video search tab. That way, you can quickly increase your account reach with the number of people.

Link To Your Instagram Account In Other Social Media Bios:

No brainer but it works effectively. Add the URL of your Instagram profile in the bio of other social media accounts. It makes the process easy for those people who want to follow you on Instagram. By followers on Instagram which can increase your following and brand awareness.

Document Your Experience Of Working To Grow Instagram Followers In Blog Posts:

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You can document your experience through a series of blog posts. Your potential audience may take interest and follow you on Instagram. Don’t forget to share your Instagram handle with your viewers.

Monitor Competitors To Gain Inspiration:

Whether the marketing tactics of your competitors are bad or not but you can learn a lot from them. You can get post ideas or inspiration from their successful campaigns by monitoring your competitors. On the contrary, you can learn and avoid that marketing campaigns that have worked poorly for your competitors.

Produce Instagram Videos That Don’t Require Sound To Be Engaging

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According to recent studies, on Facebook around 85 percent people watch videos without sound and on Instagram, the numbers are also similar. Consider making videos that engage your audience even when they play the video without sound. Be sure to add caption because it will help the viewers to understand video if they watched it with no sound.