5 Signs You Need a New Office Chair

Considering the amount of time that the average office worker spends sitting in a chair, a piece of furniture should be comfortable and supportive.

If you feel like you have been spending your days in a chair that is affecting your comfort and health, then its time to look for a new office chair. One of the best indicators that it’s time for a new chair is when your old one is no longer as comfortable as it once was. You might also realize that you are not as productive as you used to be and start losing concentration, particularly in the afternoon.

However, you can tell when you should replace your office chair. Here are five signs, indicating that you need a new office chair:

Listen to Your Body – If You’re In Pain, You Need a Change

An ergonomic office chair must have an adjustable lumbar area that supports your lower back and keeps your spine healthy. As for a lousy chair, the first thing you will first feel is pain and discomfort. So pain in your lower back is the easiest way of telling that the chair is no longer for you.

Your office chair has damages

A chair that has fallen apart into several pieces is more noticeable than a chair with minor damages.

Here are early signs of damage.

  • Loose or stuck wheels are a good sign that your office chair may need replacement. If you find it hard to push your chair across the floor and the wheels do not respond, then it may be time to look at replacing your chair.
  • Loose or non-working components often go overlooked including armrests, knobs, and levers. If any of these parts no longer let you adjust your chair, then you need to consider looking at a new office chair.

Your Office Chair Offers No Lumbar Support

The moment your kontoritoolid lack a backrest or does not support your back at all, then it’s time to find a replacement. With no lumbar support, your back bends forward, the muscles force the lumbar region out of its natural curve which places pressure on the discs and reduces blood supply to the spinal tissue. The constant contraction will eventually lead to muscle fatigue and soreness.

Your office chair is not adjustable

Sitting in the same position for too long, no matter how ergonomically comfortable your office chair may be, is unhealthy. You can adjust your office chair from time to time since the key is to break the repetitive pattern of sitting in the same upright position for hours

People are different; some are tall, others are short. Some have long arms while others have short legs. So your office chair should adjust with all the essential parts of your body, from the armrest, height of back and neck rest, if not then it is time to consider getting a new office chair.

Your office chair has flat Seat Cushion

Over time, the foam in your seat cushion will begin to flatten. Your seat cushion is one of the most critical parts of your chair as it plays a vital role in preventing back and body pain.

When your seat cushion compresses, there is less support for your body weight which puts stress on your lower back. So it is better to replace your chair once your seat cushion loses the ability to do its job.