10 Tricks to Dine Out on a Dime with Coupons

By arya

Dining out can certainly deflate your wallet, particularly if you often go to posh restaurants or have a big family. So, how do you lower your daily, weekly, or monthly food budget, but still eat quality food? Well, with a bit of research and dining out tricks, you can still get some great deals saving you a good deal of money.

Without much ado, here are 10 tricks you can use to dine out on a dime with coupons.

1.Find Printable Coupons and Specials

Many restaurants offer reward programs and special savings. You can redeem these printable coupons on their websites, especially if you have subscribed to their newsletter. You can also find links to websites that have such offers through Internet searches or checking their product packaging.

2.Email List Coupons

Many restaurants will send those “Buy 1 – Get 1 Free” offers as well as other promotions directly on their mailing lists. Other offers can still come from local restaurants with redeemable coupons, so ensure you to regularly check your email and other free weekly ads.

3.Service Referrals

Online food delivery sites such as Delivery.com, Seamless, and GrubHub will reward when you refer your friends to their services. Using such referral systems, it’s possible to collect points that you can use at their service points.

4.Buy Unused Gift Cards

Buy Unused Gift Cards
Many times, family, friends or even colleagues have gift cards that they are not going to use for different reasons. You could save something by purchasing such unwanted or unused gift card from legit sites like Raise or Cardpool.

5.Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Many people are not even aware that they can purchase discounted gift cards online. Such gift cards can be bought through diverse cash-back websites. And when you use a cash-back credit card, it can knock a bigger percentage off the meal cost.

6.Birthday Discount

Birthday Discount
Celebrate your birthday dinner with free food on offer from various outlets like cafés and restaurants. Usually, all that is required is to simply sign up on their mailing list. They are likely to send you an email wishing you a happy birthday, with a voucher that you can use to claim some freebie.

8.Download Free Apps

You’ll need to first to create an account and download the free apps. Then you can start to receive special offers, regular freebies, and discounts. In most cases, they give a code that is to be used for making your claim.

9.Ask Managers for Coupons

You can approach the managers at your most popular restaurants and ask them if they do offer their clients print coupons and where they can be found. Most managers will only be too glad to give you the information and even guide you on how to dine out on a dime with restaurant coupons.

10.Stay Informed

Flip through penny-saver ads, mailers, local newspapers, hotel brochures, phone books and tear out any deals and coupons you find. Look for daily deals on social sites like Foursquare and websites like CouponCause to see what is on offer nearby.


Saving money is certainly important, but chopping off all the little pleasures of life like dining out, may not be too appealing. Remember, food is so integral part of several cultures out there that skipping out on meals when you are out is synonymous to missing out on a huge part of the outing. If you want to dine out but still save something, the above tips will definitely give you a boost.