7 Impressive Benefits of Eating with Chopsticks

By arya

Chopsticks I believe do not need any introduction. And certainly I do not want to bore you with stuff you already know. What I do want to talk about is the unknown benefits of using chopsticks that you might never knew before. Yeah so let’s find out some magical chopstick usage.

Weight Loss Help

One of the major reasons for gaining weight is overeating. A lot of us promise ourselves from today we are going to follow a strict diet routine but still, we end up eating the same amount. This becomes more extreme during the holidays and festivals. The issue here is your stomach gets full before your brain can send the signal of ‘stop eating.’ But have no fear chopsticks is here. This pair of magical sticks will help you to eat slowly and only get small bites of food. In this way, your brain gets more time to send the signal and you understand that overeating is a no for you. Thus, you will be able to stop yourself from stuffing food inside your stomach. It also gives a rest between the chewing and eating, which is a good mouth exercise and for digestion. So, go on a with trying chopsticks. If you find it extremely difficult you can go back to your regular style. But, if you like it you’ll definitely stick with it.

No annoying screech and scratch

When you eat with a knife or fork there a high chance that your plates, bowls, and dishes might get a scratch on them. Also, when these tools make contact with the plates and bowls there is always that screeching sound which makes our nerve cells annoyed. But thankfully, you do not get to experience these when you use a chopstick. Well, in the case of metal chopsticks though the case is different! Obviously they have such a small area of contact to make such noise.

Separates meat from Bones

Sometimes, a variety of meat especially fish is cooked and served with bones inside it. Well, chopstick comes in very handy during these times. It does a great job of separating the meat from the bone. It is also much more successful in doing so more than forks!

Chopsticks Are Very Easy to Wash

When you need to wash spoons and forks, you need to get into the little dips and edges. You also need to figure out how to wash the remains of mashed potatoes out from between the tines. But when it comes to chopsticks, you run your sponge through or sink it twice or thrice inside that dishwashing bubble bath and you are done.

You will not be needing ten million cooking utensils

You need scrambled eggs to make the pasta dough? Crack an egg in a bowl, stir it with chopsticks. Now you do not have to run back and forth between drawers to find where you misplaced your precious spatula. Next up you need to boil your pasta right? The multitasker is at your service. Stir it with chopsticks, pick it up with chopsticks. You won’t be needing the tongs or the pasta spoon.

Now that your pasta is done the cooking you should remember that pasta/noodles and chopsticks go together like Romeo and Juliet. The tradition of 3,000 years can certainly not be wrong. So, do not wait and eat that good food with your very own multitasking chopsticks and feel good!

Reduced Risk of Chocking

It might seem very silly, but there are risks of choking while you bite more than you chew. It actually is an issue that has led to many accidents. But if you eat with chopsticks, it is a 100% assurance that the ‘bite’ will not be too big or too small for you to swallow. So, to eat healthily and to stay choke free get your pair of chopsticks now!

Reduce your risk of chronic disease

As per the scientists at the National University of Singapore and the Clinical Nutrition Research Center in Singapore,
“Eating with chopsticks may reduce your risk of chronic disease.”

This indicates not only the food item is being taken is a matter of concern but also the process of taking matters as well. Research shows that eating a bowl of rice with chopsticks reduces the sugar level in blood at a slower rate than those who eat with spoons or hands.

This means that their glycaemic response gets reduced by the usage of chopsticks.

It also helps to reduce type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases, like obesity and heart disease.

Having two pressure points can give you a stronger hold on delicate foods. Never touch your food with your fingers instead of using the magical pair of sticks. Then you will get to know if chopsticks are your friend or foe. These simple Asian utensils can actually make your life better, healthy and mindful. Also, they will be saving up your cash as well. If you find using chopsticks difficult, think about the benefits. I’m sure you’ll find your motivation to build up the habit.
So, good luck and chop!