How Well Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

By arya

Most women are not comfortable having unwanted body hair. But why do only models consider removing the hairs permanently? Why ‘shouldn’t even every normal woman do so too?

Laser hair removal is one of those magic tricks that will let you appear sleek and beautiful. Even if you want your laser hair removal to be a long-lasting technique, know that it won’t, unless you maintain it.

It is necessary to maintain yourself properly once you have got the treatment done. This will help retain the results.

How to maintain laser hair removal?

Experts around the world have shared some of the easiest and simplest techniques that can help you retain the results of your treatment for a longer time. Check out the following to know how you can do it too:

1. No makeup for a day or two

Once you have done laser hair removal, you should refrain from any makeup for at least two days. The process opens up the pores of the skin, and the tiny hair follicles are still attached to the surface. If you apply any makeup to it, these will grow to become irritated due to the impact of chemicals.

You should strictly refrain from using any concealer or highlighter during this period. Your skin is at the most sensitive stage, which is why you should be careful with it. Even if the company tells you that the product won’t have any counter-reaction, you should prefer avoiding it. If you want to do makeup, you should make sure to use as less as possible. However, you can apply moisturizers and gel for soothing impact.

2. Use aloe vera

Most people feel an itching sensation after getting laser hair removal done. It is natural to feel so, but if the impression keeps increasing, you should prefer taking steps that can help to curb this down. As a result, you can prefer using the pure and natural aloe vera gel.

The natural aloe vera gel is known to have a soothing impact on the skin. If you have faced some counter-effect such as redness, inflammation, or itching, all of it will vanish by the application of aloe vera gel. Moreover, aloe vera gel is known to have soothing and healing characteristics which will contribute towards your speedy recovery.

3. No swimming, jacuzzi or sauna for a while

No matter whether you are a Jacuzzi lover or fitness freak who is quite frequent in the sauna and so, you should avoid them. It is better to avoid these places as much as possible once you have got the treatment done. It is better to avoid them for at least a day or two.

You should give some break to your skin and allow it to return to its natural phase. Often the sensitivity of the skin is tampered after getting the treatment. Moreover, visiting such places may enable the procedure to lose its impact. So, once you have reached the surgery done, experts will often suggest staying away from the sauna and jacuzzi.

4. Don’t go physical exercise

Physical exercises can make you sweat a lot, thereby increasing the temperature of the body. If you have recently undergone laser hair reduction, it is better to avoid physical exercises for a while. Even the slightest of physical activity can prove to be damaging for your skin in such a condition.

If you want your treatment to have a long-lasting impact, you should prefer avoiding it. However, once the expert suggests that you have healed, you can go back to following your healthy regime. Until then, it is better to avoid it as much as you can.

5. Apply sunscreen

Post the laser hair removal technique; your body becomes extremely sensitive. Since your skin is sensitive, you will need to take proper care of it. If you want to offer maximum protection to your skin, you should prefer applying good quality sunscreen.

However, the sunscreen would vary too depending on the skin type. You can consider visiting the dermatologist and get advice regarding the best sunscreen for your skin type. You should prefer applying sunscreen to the laser-treated areas for extra benefits. You can avoid visiting sunbed for added benefits.

Does laser hair removal burn your skin?

Laser hair removal does not burn your skin. It just targets your hair follicles and does not affect the skin. The laser probe has an active cooling device which prevents the surrounding skin from being impacted. The temperature is kept at the lowest for extra advantages. As a result, laser hair removal does not cause any burns.

However, it is likely to be feeling a burning or itching impact after the treatment. You can apply some cooling creams or aloe vera for extra benefits.

If you are confused about the laser hair removal procedure, you should prefer reaching out to experts who can help. You. You can prefer scheduling an appointment with experts who can guide you through the process.