How to Choose Best For Your Bathroom

Comparisons are good; they give you the opportunity to choose the best if more than one good stuff is available. The selection is done by considering all the pros and cons and most importantly, the affordability.

The modern-day homes are designed differently. And to match the latest trends, each of the houses are made to look alike (structure wise) with a unique blend of interiors, one better than the other. Some living rooms have sofa-cum-bed, while others are funkily designed with bean bags. Even the bathrooms are not just bathing areas anymore-they have to be designed to provide that feeling of awesomeness, every time the person walked into them. In fact, the bathrooms are now becoming the means of portraying the style statement of an individual or a family.

With lots of options available, choosing the best may have become a fight for you. Here is the comparison between few basic bathroom furnishings and accessories, which would leave you with the best option that would suit all your basic requirements and give you a dreamy looking bathroom.

Walk-in baths versus Walk-in Showers

To provide an easy access and independent bathing solution, the walk-in baths and showers are designed, by specialized bathing solution companies.

Walk-in baths are low rise bathtub area with the hinged pressure sealed doors, which can be accessed independently by the people with the mobility issue. A folded bath seat is installed inside the bath where the disabled people can comfortably sit while taking the shower.

Walk-in showers resemble the modern shower compact enclosure design, except that walk-in showers, have features like wide open doors, often bi-folded to provide enough room for wheelchair users to get in and out of the baths.

Both the solutions are built with the intention to help the disabled people, but each have their own pros and cons.

Type Pros Cons
Walk-in Bath Relaxing, cosy warm, low step, space saver and multi-functional.


The water can only be filled after entering the bath and closing the door. Also, the water must be drained out completely before opening the door of the bath.
Walk-in Shower Accessible, low threshold and available in different sizes Certain bathroom’s layout can’t permit to have a walk-in shower and it may become difficult to use if you wanted to bathe your small kids.


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Storage Cabinet Versus open storage shelves

The size and type of storage in bathroom largely depends upon the quantity of stuff you keep in the bathroom. The choice between a storage cabinet (floored and wall fixed closed cabinets) and open storage racks can be made by considering the following:

  • Choose open storage racks if you have fewer items and you wanted to display them for bathroom visitors to know what they can have in case of any need. For a more closed setting, the cabinets would serve the purpose.
  • The choice can also depend on the size of the bathroom. For bigger bathroom space, you can go for putting a floored cabinet or open shelves while for the bathrooms with limited space, wall fixed cabinets are the best possible storage solutions.

If possible, you can have a mix of both.

Automatic faucets Versus Manual faucets

Automatic sensory taps are so cool and so much fun, but they tend to waste a lot of water. Unless the water from these faucets is being recycled, you should avoid installing them in your bathroom, especially in the areas of water scarcity. Manual faucets work according to your will but there can be a hassle of achieving a perfect water temperature while washing hands. This also leads to water wastage, but not as quiet as the automatic ones.

Bathing Tub Versus ShowerCubicles

Bathing tubs have more pros than cons. They are a safe and hygienic way of bathing since all the water resides into the tub and floor remains dry. This causes lesser slip & fall instances and low maintenance of bathroom floor. But tubs can only be installed in some bathrooms, with proper space and arrangements of water drainage and they are inaccessible to the people with mobility issues.

Shower cubicles are great space saving ideas, that also give a modern look to the bathroom. But they are not a good option for big bathrooms.

The idea is to maintain a balance. Every bathroom solution has their pros and cons. The best choice would be the one which will have more points in the pros column than the cons column.