Selecting the Befitting Salt-Based E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

By arya

Many people are now moving from cigarettes to vaping. One of the challenges they experience with this change is choosing the right flavor, the electronic device for vaping, and most importantly, the strength of the nicotine e-juice.

We all know that nicotine comes in different strengths and this gives vapers a variety to choose from.

You may be wondering how to get your desired nicotine salt e-juice strength. Here are some things you will need to consider to get your desired result.

The Type of Nicotine

You will find two types of nicotine in the market, the salt-based and the freebase nicotine. If you’re looking for a high concentration of nicotine while enjoying good throat hit, you may want to go with nic salts. This type of nicotine will not give you that rush that you are familiar with, though it would allow you to enjoy vaping for longer. It is milder and smoother, which makes it very comfortable for prolonged vaping.

The salt-based nicotine is extracted from tobacco plants. It is stronger and is usually the most sought out choice for people who just recently quit smoking. It gives vapers a rush that hits the throat the moment it is inhaled.

Strength of a Hit Throat

Another thing you need to decide on is the level of throat hit you expect to feel from vaping. Freebase nicotine is mild so you will be getting a weak throat hit. Nicotine salt comes in different strengths and you can easily choose a strong hit. Most smokers who just started vaping usually feel more comfortable getting that punch feeling on the throat they experience when smoking cigarettes.

The Hardware Device for Vaping

The device you choose for vaping plays an important role in vaping experience. If you get a sub-ohm device, it means you are looking to low strength nicotine. Sub-ohm devices use high wattage to be able to produce thick clouds. Nic salts e-juices however, require low wattage devices like the pod mods because the concentration is high. The result of using this low wattage device is that the vaper gets the same feeling as drawing a cigarette. It gives a more enjoyable experience.

It is also important to know that you can’t use the high wattage devices for the high concentration-based nicotine because it will irritate whenever you inhale it. This nicotine is usually very harsh when it is put under high temperature.

The Flavor You Choose

If you are very interested in the flavor of the nicotine e-juice you are vaping, then you don’t need high strength nicotine. The intensity of the nicotine will wear out the flavour and you won’t feel it because the flavour will be weakened. The majority of vapers like to go for flavored nicotine e-juices. If you want to choose flavour, then you have to go for nicotine salt e-juices around 3mg to 6mg. High concentrated nicotine usually interacts with the molecules of the flavor and weakens it.