The Benefits Of Traveling With A Second Language

By arya

The day you stop learning is the day of your death. It is true. Similarly, learning a new language arrives with a million benefits for you.

Let’s just talk about children, what if we make them learn new languages during their early years? Let me tell you, they would be more intelligent and creative. They would have a sharp memory and would be quick learners. As an added plus, zillions of work opportunities would await them. What else does a man want?

Even if you hadn’t learned foreign languages during your childhood, what if you learn the basics just while moving around the globe?

How to Learn a Second Language?

Before learning about the benefits, let’s find out how you should learn a new language smartly.

Listen; there is no short-cut to success, so you will have to pay attention to details: the accent, the pronunciations, etc. For instance, a lot of Spanish learners face difficulty in differentiating between por vs para. So, the rule of thumb is to learn, learn, and learn! Instead, differences make us learn a lot faster.

Benefits of a Second Language:

Let’s find out what benefits you can reap as an adult from learning languages while your foreign tours.

  • Safety

Yes, you feel safe, secure, and more aware when you already know the vernacular. No one can easily trick you and get away. Foreigners are most often targeted by pickpockets and they get highlighted easily by their alien language and accents. When you would walk more confidently, recognize the signs, don’t stop everywhere to question about anything; there is a great chance that you can escape the robber’s hawk eyes.

  • Save Money

It is common everywhere that you get tricked by locals when it comes to paying the bills, the taxi fare, and what not. There are quick to pick on you if you sound unfamiliar. Instead, when you read the fares, the bills, etc all on your own, they cannot trick you. When you are able to read the price tags and can communicate with locals to locate a cheap market, you would get great help from them. It would allow you to spend less yet get the best!

  • Cultural Understanding

Traveling is no fun when you cannot figure out the signs, symbols, and cultures of your destination. Asking every other person about each and every detail is similar to being pesky. If you are familiar with their language, you can learn a lot without a need of hiring an expensive translator. With cultural understanding, you’d better be able to follow their customs and etiquettes by knowing the rights and wrongs in one go!

  • It’s More Fun and Less Foolish

While everyone would be busy socializing, you’d feel only an outsider or like an idiot. To avoid awkward moments, why not learn their language. It makes it easy for travelers to adapt and get accustomed to their dream destination. They would take back a million memories with them.

  • Get a Job Offer

Learning the vernacular can create a strong possibility for you to get a job there. As I mentioned earlier, multilingual can easily earn thousands of job opportunities around the globe, so why waste your chances?

About the Author:

Lara Smith has worked for Wall Street English for 20 years. After studying at Stanford University and subsequently doing a CELTA course, she began her career in teaching. She is obsessed with languages and currently writes blogs at