Tips for using the Correct Bra Both in Size and Shape

By arya

The world of lingerie is not small at all. With bras in particular, there is a whole host of different options for women with all shape and size in their breasts. This is very important since each model can be more suitable for one woman or another, according to the size of her breasts, their shape (round, pointed, dropped, etc.) and, of course, the occasion where it will be used.

Knowing more about your bra is not a purely aesthetic issue. In fact, the problems caused by a bad selection of a bra have more to do with women’s health than with issues of beauty and fashion. Of course, the bra is multifunctional: it helps to enhance the figure and highlight the best of the torso, while offering breasts protection, support and a better shape.

Bras size is one of the biggest problems of the manufacturers in the world. Better said, the problem is not the size, but the general ignorance of women about the way these sizes work. It is alarming that most women do not know -without any distinction- what the bra size is that actually helps and favors them.

There are many tools available to locate the correct bra size, and among them the bra size chart stands out. With it, it is possible to locate the most important data used by the manufacturers when designing these pieces: size of the chest and bust through a simple relationship between them. Calculating the size of your breasts and even transform it from standard measurements to those used in your country (and vice versa) is possible thanks to this: a tool already tabulated, available on the web that waits for us to use it in order to make more wise decisions regarding our figure and the clothes we put on it.

Types of Bra

The known bras are very varied, but the most important models can be summarized in:

  • Simple
  • Sports
  • Strapless
  • Balconet
  • Simple bra

This is the most essential piece among women’s lingerie. It is a simple piece, not very flexible and of small proportions. It can come in a triangular shape, or with a similar model to the necklines we see in the dresses. This type of bra represents the simplest way to really identify our original bra size, as they have no variation in its form that could interfere with the size identification process. If your size is 36B it is because the simplest bra you will find is 36B.

Pushup Bras

This has become one of the main allies for women of little bust, who need to enhance it as much as possible. In these cases, it is very common for the size to increase a number, since the enhancement may be such that the future owner of the bra does not feel very comfortable with it. This happens because the material is much thicker (for being filled) and therefore the size of the cup can be very deceptive.

Sports Bras

These have become popular lately and it is not for less: they provide excellent support, they are very comfortable and they are also made to be exposed, that is, it is not necessary to cover them with a blouse. The way in which sizes work in this type of bras is very peculiar, since some manufacturers adopted the traditional measures (bra size plus cup) and others, decided to make transformations and take all the possible advantage of their elastic fabrics (making a S replace without problems the sizes 32AB-34A, 32BC-34B and 32CD-34C to give an example). The vast majority opts for this.

Strapless Bras

These are ideal for wearing certain necklines and go well with most sizes. In these cases, it is possible that the size should be decreased a little, since the lack of straps makes it necessary that the adjustment of the band be greater. These pieces usually have a wider frame, in order to generate more support and are made of a more rigid material but also more adaptable when adhering to the shape of the breasts.

Balconet Style Bras

Have you seen those beautiful pieces cut horizontally that expose approximately half of the breasts? These are the most ideal for women with small breasts, generating a much greater enhancement and support. These models rarely vary from the original size, since it is similar to a simple model.

There are many other models, which can alter the original size or not. Knowing this is equally important, considering that the shape of the breasts is better suited to certain cuts of bras beyond the sizes.