9 Creative Clothe Storage Ideas

By arya

Most present-day apartments and very old homes are lacking in closet spaces, and this presents a major challenge for homeowners about how best to utilise the available space. In cases like these, creative clothe storage ideas are necessary. Some of the best ideas on clothe storage have been detailed below.

Get a shelved rack

Shelved racks help optimise space and are ideal for organising shoes. Bins can also be placed on this rack and used to store clothing materials that are frequently used.

Use your bookshelf

Bookshelves can also double as a place to store shoes, folded sweaters, t-shirts and pants, jewellery and other accessories. Since all content will be readily visible, It has the added advantage of reducing rummaging.

Make use of a detached wardrobe rack

This creates a replica of a traditional closet and is a strategic approach to conserving space in the house. The same set of hangers should be employed to keep the setting attractive, and slimline hangers and pop can be used if you are pressed for space,

Use the space under the bed

This is one of the perfect spots to store heavy sweaters, handbags, and shoes. Plastic bins, rolling storage drawers and a variety of other beneath-the-bed storage containers can be fitted into this place for organising and protecting your clothing.

In cases where the bed is too close to the ground to fit storage containers conveniently, single bed risers or shipping pallets can be used.

Put clothes away that are not in season

This is the best way to free up more space in the home. Vacuum storage bags can be used to store wool sweaters and winter coats in the summer as well as other clothing items that take up space during other seasons of the year.

Make use of an old trunk

Trunks can be used to store clothes and stylishly organise items that will otherwise have cluttered the room. These trunks can also be customised to align with the interior décor of the room making for a more elegant appeal. These wooden trunks can be procured at antique stores and can be transformed to suit a variety of storage purposes; it can be placed at the foot of the bed. It is the ideal space for lots of clothing accessories.

Resort to Hanging your accessories

You can make clothing like scarves, jewellery, and other accessories a part of the room décor by hanging them in plain sight. However, a lot of creativity will have to be employed to give the room a stylish appeal. Wall organisers, command hooks, cloth hangers and nails are some of the tools that can be used to achieve this.

Use a picture ledge

Picture ledges are a go-to option for cases where there isn’t enough floor space. Handbags, shoes, sunglasses, clothes, jackets and a host of other light items can be hanged from hooks attached to the ledge’s underside rail.

Take advantage of other rooms

The living room, hallways, dining room, and home office can all be used to store clothes considering they offer more space. Trunks and stylish dressers can be used in any of these areas for storage purposes.

For occasions where there is a lot of stuff to be stored and very little room to fit every item, any of these ideas could be used to make the best use of the available space.