What is The Perfect Color for Men’s Beaded Bracelets Jewelry?

By arya

In the modern world we live in today, it’s perfectly acceptable and normal for men to wear jewelry too, not only women. This is a sign of self appreciation, but also of their personality and the message they want to send to the world. However, compared to women, men have less options when it comes to decorating their bodies, and this is perfectly logical. Apart from watches, which nowadays have lost their functional role since our smartphones help us tell the time, men could also opt for bracelets or rings.

In this article, we will talk about mens beaded bracelets jewelry, specifically the models sold by Balisarda. This brand’s mission is to offer jewelry with a meaning, by pairing ancient stones with contemporary designs. The stones used are 100% natural gemstones, imported from Asia and Africa, with added luxurious handcrafted jewelry to each bracelet. Actually, from raw materials to the beautiful finished products, Balisarda’s men’s beaded bracelets jewelry are all about quality.

When choosing jewelry, women think about more complex aspects, such as if a certain piece fits their clothes or what materials it’s made of and what is their significance. By contrast, men tend to be more practical and only think if they like a certain bracelet or its color. If you fit into this category and want to buy men’s beaded bracelets jewelry, this is the article for you. Below, you will find advice if you want to buy a bracelet of a certain color from Balisarda:

  • White. White is a color that goes with anything and which expresses elegance, kindness and positivity. These are qualities which all women adore and wearing white men’s beaded bracelets jewelry will make you the center of attention. We recommend the White howlite beaded bracelet, with Sterling silver beads and white gemstones on black cord.
  • Black. Even if it’s at the exact opposite of the color spectrum compared to white, black stands for the same things: refinement, sophistication and gentility. You should invest in a Facetated black onyx beaded bracelet, with Sterling silver beads and black gemstones. It will not only decorate your wrist, but it will be a perfect match for your shirt with rolled up sleeves.

  • Brown. Apart from black and white, another very suitable color for men’s beaded bracelets jewelry is brown. Brown is a very masculine color since it’s dark, but also subtle, and it reminds of cigars, fine drinks and wood, which is one of the strongest materials on Earth. You will most certainly like the Matte tiger eye beaded bracelet, with Sterling silver beads and brown gemstones.
  • Multicolor. Last but not least, if you can’t decide on a favorite color, maybe you should opt for multicolored men’s beaded bracelets jewelry from Balisarda. Our recommendation is the Moss agate beaded bracelet, with Sterling silver beads and multicolored gemstones, spanning from white and red to green and black. According to the site, this bracelet “refreshes your soul with new beginnings”.