7 Useful Tips on How to Clean & Maintain Your Leather Furniture

You bought yourself some gorgeous looking leather furniture but now you don’t know how to maintain them? Or you are trying to maintain your favorite leather furniture but not being able to. It is true that leather furniture looks pretty fancy and luxurious, for sure, but they are also really expensive. So, if you once buy or get some leather furniture it is wise to just keep good care of them instead of leaving them for getting ruined. In other words, you got to make sure that the furniture lasts for a lifetime. I mean just think about it you binge watching Netflix while sitting on your very own leather couch on weekends. But the question still remains how to take good care of your leather furniture.

Well, you came to the right place. This post is all about leather furniture and its maintenance.

Materials: Before going into the tips check mark all the equipment you will be needed for cleaning up your leather furniture. Saddle soap, Water, Leather cream, Soft cloth, Rubbing, Alcohol, Cotton swab etc. will come in handy for doing this task.

Tips: The basic technique to clean your leather furniture is to dust your furniture well every once in a while with a dry cloth. You should also use leather cream time to time to keep your furniture soft and moisturized. You can also clean up stains and dirt by scrubbing leather cream on your furniture.

Here are the 7 most useful tips:

1.Keep it simple! Soap, water for starters: Damp a washcloth into some slightly warm soapy water and use it on the stains to wipe those away. This process works effectively on mild stains. The soap that is specifically used for leather furniture is called saddle soap.

You can also use alcohol on mild stains. Just damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe away all the dirty dirt and stains. Just remember to be careful and apply the alcohol directly on the stain spot. This will stop the alcohol from spreading. There is also leather conditioner for washing your furniture up.

2.Paws are not allowed: You have a cat or dog? If yes, then that might be a threat for your leather furniture. As they tend to use leather as a scratching post. So, your job is to keep them away from your leather furniture or they might do big damage to your stuff. Also, your pets might even pee or poop on the furniture. If this happens then it will be tough to get it washed or cleaned. So, train them up so they don’t get up on your leather furniture.

3.Dry it up thoroughly: If you wash up your leather furniture then be sure to dry it up properly. If you are not careful in this case the leather might get rotten which will damage your furniture. It also will create a pretty bad smell.

4.Environment matters: Most of the cases you will see cracks in your leather furniture because of the ambient conditions. The leather is like your skin it cannot tolerate too much temperature or lack of moisture. Sunlight can also effect leather furniture. So, be alert while positioning your furniture. Do make sure to put your leather furniture in a cool place or under the air conditioner. Avoid putting your furniture next to the window or glass door or curtains.

5.Moisturize the leather: Try to moisturize your furniture on a daily basis or at least three times in a week. After cleaning it up with soapy water and drying it, apply leather cream on your furniture to re-moisturize it.

6.Talk to a professional: Even if you have a professional leather repair kit set, you might not have previous experience at all in cleaning stuff made of leather. So, there might be cases where you will find yourself incompetent in maintaining your leather furniture. To solve this problem all you need to do is take advice from a professional. Just go to a respected shoe repair shop or leather care expert for help. There also might be cases were your leather furniture might be slightly damaged or cracked. Do not take initiatives on fixing this on your own. This might even make the damage bigger. For big cuts and damage, you are instructed to take your furniture to a skilled person who can mix color and texture by applying heat, and repair stuff up.

7.The don’ts: Do not use cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, or ammonia water directly on leather surface. Also stay alert and remember that warranties can be voided if the wrong cleaner or conditioner is used on leather furniture. Also, follow the instructions thoroughly before using any DIY leather cleaning remedies as leather is very sensitive.

Even though leather furniture is pretty much durable but without a regime of regular cleaning they might look dirty and filthy. And nobody likes to stay on dirt. Following these tips will help you clean up your leather furniture and these will also help to increase the durability of your furniture.
Happy cleaning!