7 Great Housekeeping Tips


No matter where you live, a tidy home is a relaxing home. With these tips and tricks, keeping your household running smoothly can be less of a chore and more integrated with day-to-day life.

DeClutter Your Spaces

The beauty of your furniture gets overwhelmed when hidden under piles of things. Keeping clutter to a minimum is the fastest way of making a house look clean. Have a ‘things’ box where you place items that you would otherwise leave out like keys, mail, or bags.

Organise your bathroom drawer and throw away old bottles that have been sitting there forever. Or, if you are determined to get the most use out of them, put them by the bath so they get used next time.

Streamline the Kitchen

Streamline the Kitchen
The kitchen is a hub of activity and gets messy quickly. Prevent this by incorporating washing up into your cooking routine: start each meal by emptying the drying rack and dishwasher so that you can load up saucepans as you cook. Finally, wash the sink after your washing up is done.

Keep cleaning products somewhere visible, like in a rack or on a shelf, so that wiping down surfaces after cooking is easy. Check out this link for more tips on time-saving when keeping your house clean.

A Tidy Bedroom

Tidy Bedroom
The simplest way to feel like the bedroom is tidy is to make the bed. This creates a clear space that also doubles as a workspace for organising and folding laundry. Keep the nightstand as a minimal space for just the essentials: an alarm clock maybe, and a book to end and start the day with a tidy frame of mind.

Use the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Use the Right Vacuum Cleaner
Incorporate cleaning your vacuum into your vacuuming routine by emptying the dust bag or canister after each use. This way, air flows efficiently through the vacuum for fast vacuuming.

Check that you are using the best vacuum for the job. For example, vacuums with beater bars are unsuitable for looped fibres such as carpets or natural fibres like wool.

Make use of the attachments for different purposes, use the crevice tool in corners and the extension wand for cleaning under sofas. You can read more about which tools are the best for each surface on Allgreatvacuums.com.

Laundry Tips

Washing machines can cause fabrics to fade over time. To preserve the life of your clothes, turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine. This protects the dye on the visible side of your garments from friction against the spinning drum. Not only does this save money on replacing garments but it also keeps your clothes looking newer for longer.

Before you store a handbag or satchel in a wardrobe, shake it out to get rid of any dust or grit at the bottom and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Grease or dirt can fade the colour of the bag so a quick clean will keep your bag fresh and ready to go the next time you want to use it.

Reduce your Waste

Household waste accumulates every day, but there are methods of reducing your waste, such as switching from plastic bags to canvas bags. Hang these long-life bags on the back of the front door or stow them in the car so you don’t forget to take them shopping.

Reducing your waste also reduces the number of bin bags you use and how often you take out the trash. Buy items like fruit, vegetables, and nuts from the grocery store without packaging to decrease the amount you throw away. Minimizing your home waste is also a great way to help the environment.

Prevent Mould

Mould grows in damp spaces, so prevent moisture build up in your bathroom to reduce the opportunities for mould to appear. After using the bath or shower, use a wiper on wet surfaces to clear away water and speed up the drying process. Airflow helps the surfaces dry, so keep a window open or turn on the fan for thirty minutes after a shower.

Whilst running a household can be difficult, integrating these quick tips into your daily routine can change the idea of a chore from something laborious to an everyday task. Plus, without the stress of housekeeping, you get more time to relax.