Some of the Oddest Traffic Laws You’ve Never Heard Of

If you’ve got a driver’s license, you’re familiar with basic, universal regulations of the road. You know it’s not lawful to exceed posted speed limits, to run red lights or stops signs, and even to fail to signal when changing lanes. Violating some of these laws could get you a ticket or even put you before a judge or in jail. Of course, some traffic laws are more strict or even more enforced than others. However, some U.S. states have unusual, quirky rules that may cause even the most seasoned drivers to scratch their heads. Check out some of these laughable laws on the books in some places you may visit or where you may even live.

Stay Away From the Doughnuts

Doughnuts are popular food to get the day started. They’re also perfect snacks at any time at all. However, in the Maine town of South Berwick, you aren’t allowed to park within 25 feet of a Dunkin’ Doughnuts store. You may be better off walking if you’ve got a hankering for an apple fritter or maple bar, just to be safe.

Easier Target Anyway

In Tennessee, don’t get caught shooting animals while you drive—unless, of course, you’re hunting whales. These enormous mammals are the only creatures you’re allowed to shoot while you’re behind the wheel.

Red-Light Exception

Running a red light is a common cause of collisions, often with terrible results. Nevada has an unusual asterisk to these traffic laws for drivers, and it may be something you wouldn’t expect. In the Silver State, if you’re driving the lead car in a funeral procession, you’re allowed to ignore this signal to stop. Everyone else in the procession must wait for his or her turn, but you can go right ahead and hurry to the cemetery.

Just Drive

Ever taken a nap in your car? How about changing your clothes? These don’t seem too out of the ordinary, do they? Don’t you dare do either of these in Delaware; they’re against the law. In addition, you can’t live in your car, even if you’re down on your luck and have nowhere else to go. Don’t even think about cooking in your car. And here’s the kicker: You can’t “use toilet facilities inside any vehicle.”

Clear Vision

It’s probably pretty important to have good eyesight if you’re going to drive a car. Lawmakers in Alabama seem to think so too. There’s a law in this Southern state that forbids anything that obstructs drivers’ view while they drive. Yes, this includes wearing blindfolds.

Don’t Jump at the Chance

In the California city of Glendale, officials are concerned about people jumping out of cars at high speeds. In this place, it’s unlawful to jump out of a car that’s moving at 65 mph. This law doesn’t specify whether it’s illegal to jump from the car if it’s going faster than 65 mph.

If you pass through any of these locations, you may want to brush up on these obscure rules. It would be a shame to get cited for something so absurd.