5 Ways to Personalize Your New Florida Home After Move-in

When you buy a house, you buy more than a parcel of real estate, you are buying a stage on which to act out this next exciting phase of your life. And let’s face it, once you’ve closed escrow on that dream home and you’ve moved past that endless search for homes for sale in Florida, let alone that actually buying the house, you are ready to make that final transition of moving in and claiming your special space.

Some great and affordable ideas can help personalize your space whether that space is on top of a mountaintop, or the next in a series of identical subdivisions. It’s okay, you can admit it, and you want to personalize the house to become your home.

No two humans are the same and everyone will have different ideas when it comes to personalizing their home, and that’s okay because that kind of the idea. Homes for sale often highlight “curb appeal,” but you want to add “living appeal,” so you can truly feel at home. Here are 5 ways to personalize your new home:

Addition of Outdoor Accoutrements

Dependent on what season you end up buying a home, I recommend beginning, if possible, in the outdoors and let your new neighbors that there is a new block standard for classy landscaping and outdoor accoutrements. Think of it as running outside and sticking a flag in the ground at 1234 American Avenue and claiming it for the Jones family. Consider at the most basic adding a fire pit, barbeque station, and comfortable seating. A more robust budget might support the notion of adding a gazebo or hot tub.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

It’s a known fact that most house parties start in the kitchen. Least wise that is where the bulk of the people assemble prior to checking out that sweet gazebo and hot tub previously mentioned. If the new homeowner also has a love of cooking, it might make sense to begin their personalization in the kitchen. Whether we are talking about painting an accent wall, adding unique tiles, or simply installing one of those cool, hanging copper pots, you can claim this part of the new home as truly yours.

The Question of the Bathroom

One place you want to personalize is the place you do all of your personal stuff. The bathroom is an excellent place to experiment with bold shades of wallpaper or paint, and a layered approach to accessorizing can provide an affordable way to quickly personalize your new space.

Let There be Light

Tackle an old lighting fixture with a quick trip to “Light World,” by coming back with a light fixture that you can be proud to have hanging in your home. Add a fan to create a breezy atmosphere in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Consider recessed track lighting to add a comfortable glow above your sitting area.

Build Yourself a Visual Museum

All the rage in personalizing your home and creating a bold living space is the adoption of “gallery” placement. Imagine an entire wall devoted to a creatively framed showing of your personal pictures or pieces of art. Indeed, establishing a large space to a single piece of art is a bold and confident way to claim your creative space.

Welcome to your new home. You have concluded the stress, drama, and nervous excitement of buying a house, so now it is time to settle in and begin the nesting process. Once you buy a house it is time to begin personalizing your property.