Are You More Prone to Developing Male Acne?

By arya

Nobody wants to have to deal with acne, blackheads and general skin blemishes but it is a reality for many.

When male acne flares up, it requires a unique approach to clear it up but it is possible. Better yet, if you can prevent it from flaring up in the first place, you won’t need to worry about treatment.

6 Signs You Could Develop Male Acne

You have high testosterone levels. Unfortunately, testosterone is directly linked to acne and skin blemishes, which is why men tend to develop acne more easily than women. There are ways that you can lower your testosterone levels to make acne less likely though. Adding more cardio to your workout routine and being wary of the ingredients in the supplements you take are ways that you can lower your testosterone levels.

Your skin is thicker than most. When your skin is thicker, it means you have a higher concentration of skin cells, which can cause dead cells to build up more quickly. When dead skin cells block your pores, it makes acne far more likely. Along with cleaning and exfoliating your skin at home, scheduling regular treatments at a beauty clinic specialised in men’s facials will help keep your skin clear and smooth.

You have thick facial hair. If your facial hair is thick, ingrown hairs are a lot more common, which can lead to the development of blemishes and acne. Incorporating the right skincare products into your routine will ensure that you keep ingrown hairs to a minimum.

You’re not using a clean razor. When was the last time you cleaned your razor? When you don’t clean your razor in hot water after every use, bacteria builds up and you transfer it directly to your skin the next time you shave. It’s also very important that you replace your razor on a regular basis to avoid ingrown hairs.

You sweat a lot. It’s a known fact that men tend to sweat more than women and because sweat leads to a build-up of oil, you’re far more likely to develop male acne because of it. Along with making sure you clean your skin at the end of every day, it’s also important to use a clean gym towel when you’re working out to avoid additional bacteria.

Your skin is oily in general. If you have oily skin, know that you’re not alone. Most men have a higher oil content than women, which is why they’re more prone to acne. Oil, bacteria and dead skin cells is a bad combination, which is why a good at-home skincare regime is so important – that and regular treatments at a professional skincare clinic.

If you want to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to avoid male acne, start by speaking to a professional clinician. Not only will this give you new insights into your skin but you will also receive product and treatment recommendations from a professional.