Here are Top 6 Healthy Vietnamese Food Items You Shouldn’t Miss Out

By arya

Vietnamese cuisine has some great collection of healthy and delicious snacks as there are almost always a siding of veggies. Many people travel to Vietnam for the sole purpose of tasting appetizing yet healthy dishes.

Be it a street food stall or fancy restaurants there are tons of variety a customer can get. This article enlists some inherently delicious yet nutritious food items that deserve to be contained in your food diaries in Vietnam.


Pho is a type of soup which has been originated in the northern area of Vietnam somewhere near Hanoi. The popularity of this dish took rise in the 20th century. This healthy dish is a mix of ingredients like chicken, herbs, etc. Many of the people in Vietnam pronounce this dish wrongly, it is rightly said as ‘fuh’. Along with an interesting name, this dish also packs a perfect blend of flavors that are going to be pure delight for your tastebuds.

Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon which is commonly known as fresh spring rolls. This dish is made with a rich combination of fresh herbs that are healthy and refreshing for the human body. The calorie intake of this dish is minimal so if you are a health freak or on a low-carb routine, this won’t mess up your diet. The making of Goi Cuon is very easy, a rice paper is taken and all the rich nutritious items like salad and green vegetables are wrapped around to make a perfect roll.

Kho To

One of the specialties of Vietnam is clay pot dishes, the most common ones are fish and pork. These dishes are famous as clay pots are used in the whole process. There are numerous advantages of using them like they help to neutralize the overall balance of pH which reduces the amount of adicity in the food. These pots have a tendency to take in the excessive heat and by that the cooking of the food is done, moreover, this adds a pinch of sweetness to the dish.

Bun bo nam bo

As unique as its name the dish is a mixture of all the special raw vegetables and ingredients like beef, cilantro, and salad, etc. Its final filling is considerably liked by tourists and shouldn’t be missed on your Vietnamese trip. The mouth-watering flavor is unexplainable, one can only truly do justice to it by trying it. This dish is served in fancy restaurants and in street stalls too, so take your pick as per your convenience.

Rau Muong

Rau Muong is water spinach combined with the rich flavors of garlic. Garlic and spinach are both integrated with tons of vitamins and minerals that are essential for health. There are various food elements you can combine with this dish like a serving of brown fish or even a medium-sized bowl of rice to improve the taste.

Canh Chua

Canh Chua infamously known as the Vietnamese Sour Soup is originated in the southern state of Vietnam, it is made using a variety of ingredients like tomato, pineapple, etc. The substances used in the preparing are healthy and won’t affect your diet much. A person can additionally include fish and prawns to make the taste of the dish even more mouth-watering.

These Vietnamese delicacies are bound to take your tastebuds on a enthralling rollercoaster ride so aren’t you excited already? But wait, that’s not all this graceful country has to offer and you will need to check out reputed restaurants and their Facebook page to get your hands on several healthiest dishes that make Vietnam a standout amongst food enthusiasts.