How Much Can You Make As A Uber Driver?

Uber is a global cab service that is headquartered in San Francisco, California! Uber is operated in more than 633 cities worldwide. If you are thinking to become an Uber driver then the most important question that comes to your mind will be how much do Uber drivers earn? According to a recent study, Uber drivers earn an average of $364 a month!

Before you join the Uber, you should know the Uber driver requirements of 2018. As the driver requirements changes every year! Then, the idea of choosing yor own hours, be your own boss, and making great money is surely a good thing!

Uber claims that drivers can make a good living through driving cabs!

How Much Do Drivers Make?

The best possible answer to this question is that you can drive and earn as much as you want! The more you drive the more you make! You can choose to driver Uber for part time or full time! Apart from that, you’ll also receive your fares weekly and will be automatically deposited directly into your bank account. But, do you know how fares are calculated?

Moreover, you can make more money by using a fuel-efficient vehicle and providing excellent service in order to get good ratings!

How is Uber Fares Calculated?

When you make a trip with Uber, the fare is calculated based on the distance and time taken to complete the trip.

What is the Surge?

The prices of the fares increases during the high demands for rides. During surge, riders can get pickup that is available quickly and reliably! For drivers, surge means higher number of fares and steady stream of rides!

Prices will increase during times when too many ride requests are made in a specific area of the city and there is a low number of drivers in that area! When you are online, the Uber app will display area with a high demand for rides in shades of red! The darker the shade of red, the greater the demand in that area!

The prices in surge are calculated by multiplying the trip’s total fare by a current surge multiplier.

What Expenses Does Uber Cover?

All the expenses are paid by the driver’s themselves! While, Uber offers a commercial insurance policy to all drivers of $1 million in case of any incidents.

The time you accept the trip until the completion of that trip with the passengers in the vehicle, you have a $1 million for 3rd party liability, $1 of uninsured motorist injury! Moreover, when a rider caused damage or get sick in your vehicle, you can contact the support team for reimbursement for things like cleaning fees and more!

How Do Drivers with Uber Pay Taxes?

As you are running your own business, you are responsible to pay taxes at the end of the year as your earnings are not withheld by the federal or state government.

Can you Drive Uber Part-Time?

Those who are looking for a seasonal work temporary work, part-time work and those with flexible full-time opportunity, Uber is just perfect for them! If you work as a full-time job, Uber is a great way to work for few hours during nights or weekends to earn something extra!

Here Are Few Tips To Get Extra Ratings And Good Earnings

Hand out Free Gifts

You can hand out riders with some water, candy, gum or mints during the rides!

Be Friendly and Professional

This is obviously necessary but there is a body of research that backs up likeability as an effective tool!