Stay Safe at Home – 15 Essential Security Tips for Seniors

We’ve all heard of unfortunate situations where people suffer from incidents in the home. These are even more likely as we reach the later stages of life and everything gets a little more hectic when you’re looking after lots of younger family members.

What’s worse, is that most of these incidents are avoidable if the right steps are taken. Here is a home security checklist to ensure you stay safe in your own home:

  • Buy external motion sensitive lights: An easy way to identify if anyone is outside your property – light them up!
  • Always keep a phone nearby: With a phone, you’re never alone. Always keep one to hand so you can contact someone if something happens.
  • Even bring it to the door: It’s easy to forget your phone when you go to the door, but you have no idea who might be on the other side!
  • Buy a strong door: If you have a strong door then this will act as a deterrence to opportunists who think they might be able to get into your property.
  • Get a door with a viewer: Before you open the door, you need to know if it’s someone you recognise. A door viewer will help you to identify them.
  • Always ask for I.D: If someone comes to the door that you do not know, always ask for I.D. so that you know their name and they are who they say.
  • Lock your doors and windows: Don’t leave any easy routes for people to get in without permission.
  • Buy a safe: Keep your valuable prized possessions in a safe to keep them extra secure. Some things are expensive, but you can’t keep all of them in a safe because you use them regularly, like a car and other household gadgets. For such valuable household things insurance is the best protection.
  • If you live in Ireland, then you should have comprehensive home insurance from trusted home insurance provider like the AA Home Insurance to secure valuable household things and your home. You can compare insurance quote from site and select the best cover.
  • Use water detection sensors: Sometimes leaks are too low to reach. Water sensors let you know if there’s a leak without you having to get down and check.
  • Make friends with your neighbours: When you get on well with the people who live on your street, you’ve got friends who can keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour!
  • Get personal surveillance: Cameras are super cheap these days. Get one to keep an eye on the perimeter of your premises.
  • Get a fire alert system: Fires can ignite so easily. A fire alert system will alert the emergency services even if you can’t.
  • Never leave a spare key outside: A persistent person will find where you hide a spare. Leave it with a neighbour instead.
  • Get a necklace alarm: With an alarm around your neck, you can easily alert people if you have any issues.
  • Never enter your home if a door or window is ajar or broken: You never know who could be in the property if this happens. Ring the authorities immediately.

Many people ignore safety advice until something serious happens. Be proactive and follow these tips to make sure your house remains a safe place for you and your family!