Six Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

By arya

Hair means a lot to so many people. The beauty industry has grown tremendously over the years due to this reason. Regardless of the tons of information, there is online, along with the rise of many hair stylists, there are still some myths being spread. People have pushed some of the hair myths too much until they have become the new version of the truth. However, if you read this article, you will realize that some of the things you have been believing are very far from the truth. Read on!

My hair does not grow

This is one of the biggest lies that people tell themselves. If you have believed this lie too, today is when you stop. Technically, all hair grows, regardless of the hair type. However, hair goes through different stages of growth. At any given point part of your hair is growing while the rest rests. Whether you notice the growth of your hair is where the problem is. It could be that the rate at which your hair is breaking is higher than that which it grows. This means that your hair may be improving, but the changes cannot stand out.

You should never use heat tools

Well, this myth is not completely uninformed. The application of too much heat on your hair can cause a lot of irreversible damage. However, it is not cast on a stone that you can never use heat tools. All you need is to exercises a lot of caution when you do. Regulate the amount of heat you let on your hair tools, and be sure to keep their use to a minimal. Consider a heat protectant hair product to coat your hair with before application of heat.

Trimming your hair increases hair growth

This myth has been there a long time. However, cutting the ends of your hair as nothing to do with its growth. The necessity of trimming in the hair grooming process is to help manage the ends of your hair. It is also a good practice to use the best cordless hair clippers so you can get rid of the tangles and raggedy ends that might increase hair breakage and deteriorate the growth process.

Coloring your hair will only damage it

Ever felt like changing up your hair look but you can’t because of this myth? Well, worry no more, coloring your hair is as good a practice as any other. The only thing is in watching out for the types of products you choose. For the most part, doing it yourself can have negative consequences, especially when using strong dyes that can burn your scalp. The entire coloring process depends on the chemicals you use, and the amount of caution your regard your hair with, during the process.

Pro tip: removing color from hair makes it thinner and weaker than before. However, adding color makes your hair stronger and healthier than ever. Therefore, instead of bleaching, consider adding color.

100 strokes of brushing your hair are the ultimate solution to healthy hair

Brushing your hair so many times in a day does not make your hair healthier. The truth is, brushing allows the natural oils produced by your scalp to be distributed evenly throughout your hair. When the natural oils coat the hair strands, they are less prone to breakage. However, the more times you brush your hair in a day, the more breakage you will have. Technically, the friction between your strands and the brush bristles will cause breakage, not to mention, encourage frizz. In the process, you may also damage your hair cuticle.

Dandruff implies a dry scalp

Associating flakes with dryness is easy. However, in the case of dandruff, the story is different. The fact most people do not know is, Dandruff is caused by a type of yeast that tends to overgrow in an oily environment.