Kitchen Decoration Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

Most people think they need a complete kitchen remodel project in order to make the space better looking. This is incorrect. In so many cases all that a kitchen actually needs is a fresh paint job. This could easily transform the entire room.

The problem is that most people do not know much about kitchen decoration. There are countless mistakes that can appear due to this. If you want to decorate your kitchen, local Melbourne plumbers highlight the following mistakes that you have to avoid at all costs.

Styling Kitchens Differently Than Other Rooms

You can so easily end up with a kitchen that is filled with utensils and appliances. What is actually important is to end up with a kitchen that is functional. Due to this, you end up not thinking about style. In order to make the kitchen in line with the home, you want to add some artwork, rug or even some smaller accessories. This is what makes spaces feel personal.

Not Considering Home Architecture

When the house is historic and the kitchen is extra-modern, things do not look great. You rarely need full remodeling projects in order to add character to spaces. Some simple fixes like moving around lighting or swapping hardware can do miracles. Think about adding architectural molding or maybe replace cabinet doors.

Lack Of Gathering Space

When you talk to interior designers, you hear that the kitchen is considered to be a home’s heart. However, it is rarely given this level of importance. The truth is that you cannot really use the kitchen properly, up to a full potential, when not much space is present. You can always add some barstools, a bench or something to allow the family to hang around.

A Failure To First Think About Function

The kitchen that is beautiful but not functional is a true nightmare. You need storage space for absolutely all pans and pots, among many other things. Think about ways to improve the organization of pantry or drawers. Many things can improve kitchen functionality. Focus on those first and only after that you can consider design.

Insufficient Lighting

Having really good lighting is paramount for a kitchen that aims to be functional. You cannot simply have one overhead light source and think all will be great. When the space just has some recessed lighting, try to add some pendants. They can be put over your island. An LED strip is also a great idea under upper cabinets. You just have to be 100% sure that the light you choose makes the entire kitchen inviting and cozy. In addition, you can install some dimmers.

Lack Of Essentials Placed At An Arm’s Reach

Do you often find yourself walking to your pantry to take some olive oil out? Maybe you do not find your spatulas when you do some cooking. You want to be sure that the kitchen is properly organized and that you can easily reach the tools you need while cooking. Organize all tools in a way that makes you move as little as possible.