Rewrite Dialogue with People Whom I Love

By arya

My work is directly connected to the people I love – the Machete band
After a long break from work, the frontman of the Machete band Yaroslav Malyi returned to the big stage. He is happy to share the personal secrets of the band’s popularity and the factors that influence his life and career. My music is a combination of internal thoughts and communication with people that I care about.

According to the artist, he really needed a rest, like every member of the group. Rest helped him to recharge, do some soul searching, and find sources of inspiration. The new album is completely different from the previous ones, and it has a much deeper meaning. Traveling to different countries, meditation, spiritual practices and meeting new people – all this was done not for nothing. Now the fans of the Machete band will get to know the frontman from an entirely different perspective.

Yaroslav notes that people simply forgot how to live. They do not value what they already have, do not grow, and do not know what real feelings feel like. We forgot how to love, enjoy simple things. In the daily routine, we feel defenseless and disorganized, and we do not know what to do with ourselves. But the world is full of beauty. Beauty surrounds us, and we just don’t notice it.

In the new album, Yaroslav Malyi tried to convey the acquired knowledge of ancient peoples and to put sincere feelings into the songs. Fans will be able to listen to eleven completely diverse songs performed in different styles. A large-scale tour is being organized in support of the new album.

As for create work in the Tokyo group, the artist is actively working on an enchanting show called ‘Karmalogic music.’ The program includes writing 54 songs in the Deep Techno style. This is a huge number of compositions that should be unique and convey the feelings of the musician and his energy. Yaroslav assures us that creating so many tracks is feasible for him now because he uses his time in a completely different way since he knows its price. Among other things, the musician manages not only to write lyrics but also to compose music. Sometimes in a burst of inspiration, he simply comes to the microphone and starts humming the new lines.

In the interview, the producer of the Machete band, Mikhail Peleg, noted that there are now quite a lot of young performers who are trying to break into show business.

But this band really deserves the support and recognition of the audience. They are ambitious, full of energy and able to charge the audience.

Surely, everyone remembers the clip “Tenderness,” which won the hearts of millions of people. Thirty-three million people watched it on the YouTube channel, and continue to watch it until now. Yaroslav Malyi explains the success of this composition by the sincerity of the text and deep lyrics. He is sure that everyone is able to recognize himself and his life in it.

The frontman of the Tokyo and Machete bands believes that in the current show business, there are very few conscious individuals who know the meaning of life. Few people can convey to their listeners their thoughts through songs. Yaroslav himself believes that it is necessary to enjoy every coming day because he will bring new emotions and feelings.