Testosterone Decline? Here are Some Simple Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone without Steroids for you!

A sharp decline in testosterone levels has become a very common problem today. I myself was diagnosed with low testosterone levels. I was baffled, I tell you. But now I realize that low testosterone was what was making me feel weak all the time.

The doctors advised me to take some testosterone replacement or replenishment kind of treatment. But I had read about the side effects these medicines could have. I was not ready to take chances. Instead, I tried breaking down the problem. I wanted to find out why this problem is on a rise, and act accordingly. I found the lifestyle to be a primary factor. I will explain them to you below. If you are facing problems as I am, I suggest you follow these natural ways to boost testosterone. I have been doing those for more than a decade now. I must tell you, from tests, I have found out that I have a good testosterone level, about 700 now. I am 43 now. And apart from the age-related decline, I reckon, I have good numbers.

I am laying down what I did to maintain my testosterone levels. Hope they work out fine with you. And mind you, you got to give them some time.

  • Take Fats and Cholesterol to Boost Testosterone

While you may be reluctant to eat raw fats and cholesterol, it is cholesterol, where the testosterone and other sex hormones begin. A low-fat, low-cholesterol diet is not always what keeps you healthy. You need cholesterol to survive, my friend. Cholesterol and fats are the building blocks for these damn essential hormones. The key is to not let them settle down where you don’t need.

This is how cholesterol breaks down to form testosterone:
Cholesterol –> Pregnenolone ->Androstenedione ->Testosterone

  • Sugar and Testosterone

Sugar kills testosterone. Now when I say this, do not just throw away the sugar bottle. Your body needs minimal amounts of sugar. And that is a must for your healthy survival. But what I am trying to say here is that you should try to keep away heavy and unnecessary amounts of sugar and carbs.

  • Workout Regime

Believe it or not, exercise is the all-time champion, testosterone booster. Not just testosterone, you will also see an increase in your overall growth. Work out hard, in short bursts, and take short 1 minute breaks between sets. Also, if you do some intense workout, do not do it every day. Try repeating the routine once every 3rd day. And when you are training, get 8 hours of sleep each night.

  • Supplements to Boost Testosterone

You don’t need some very hi-fi, expensive kind of supplements to boost testosterone. Just a bit of Vitamin D and Zinc in your daily intake can keep testosterone at a very healthy level.

  • Cosmetics

Shocked? But this is definitely something. Many cosmetic products are made with ingredients that seriously hamper testosterone levels. Look out for Phthalate and Parabens in the labels. If you find those, better keep the product aside. Look for an alternative.

But remember one thing if you are thinking to take any medication or supplement related to TRT then don’t do it without doctors advise or proper tests. Eat healthy, think healthy and live healthy to be happy.