Best Car Storage Accessories of 2020

By arya

The new year brings a renewed focus on making the most out of your free time. If a classic car is among your list of hobbies, being sure to protect your vehicle from the elements will help you enjoy it for years to come.

From custom dash covers to fleece-lined car covers, there are many accessories that protect your car while it’s in storage. The top car storage accessories for 2020 focus on preventing damage and making your investment last.

Car Storage Bubbles

A car capsule or car storage bubble is an inflated cocoon made out of clear vinyl or a hard-surface material. A circulating fan at one end of the bubble zips into the material and keeps it inflated. Whether you’re storing your car indoors or outdoors, a car bubble creates an environment free of damaging factors like heat, cold, moisture or dust.

The tough material protects your car from dings and scrapes, with models like the Car Capsule storage bubble rated to withstand force of up to five pounds. So, if you happen to bump into the bubble or drop a tool on it in the garage, you won’t need to worry about punctures or anything getting through to your car.

The constantly circulating air keeps condensation from building up, meaning you won’t need to worry about rust, mildew, corrosion or other damage caused by moisture. Air flow also keeps the temperature inside the bubble constant, making this a good choice for drivers who live in climates with significant temperature swings.

Custom Car Covers

The best outdoor car cover protects your vehicle from sun, rain and dust, as well as minor bumps and scrapes. The Supremeweave All Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover comes with a fleece lining that enrobes your car in ultra-soft fabric.

If you’re storing your vehicle outdoors, look for an option that repels water and protects from UV rays to make sure your car’s interior stays dry and the exterior looks sharp. Lightweight fabric makes the best new car covers breathable, ad the soft finish of a fleece lining makes them safe for any type of paint finish. The best new car covers for 2020 are durable and easy to care for, with the option to machine wash or wash by hand. They work for both indoor garage storage and outdoor environments.

Dash Covers

Custom dash covers can keep your dashboard looking like new for years. In 2020, dash covers come in a wide variety of materials to shield your car’s interior from dust and grime, and keep extreme temperatures from damaging the surface. Look for a custom dash cover that fits your car’s specific make, model and year to ensure all areas are covered. Covers come in a range of colors, making it possible to find the perfect match for your ride.

Get off to the right start in 2020 by making sure your car is protected from the elements and potential damage. When you’re ready to start shopping for car accessories like custom dash covers, look for a vendor that offers a curated collection of high quality products.