How to Keep being Healthy as a Freelance Writer

There are a lot of things that a freelance writer needs to do in order to stay productive throughout their career. This mainly has to do with your health because it is key in determining how long you will stay useful. For that reason, it is important to take care of yourself because sitting in front of the computer for long hours is not what determines you are successful or not. It is in how you manage yourself – body, mind and your soul.

To be a successful freelance writer, here are some of the healthy habits you need to develop. Adopt them to stay fit for your job and be productive at all times without getting inconvenienced by sickness.

Don’t Sit in front of the Computer for too Long

Gazing at your computer for long hours sited in front of it is not good for your health even with a good ergonomic chair. You need to take breaks in between to help your body relax and stretch as well. This will reduce the chances of developing backaches and so on. Your eyes also need a break. Consider taking a break after every 20minutes to look at something other than the computer 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Sit on an Ergonomic Chair

Ensure that you are sited properly. One of the ways to do so is by getting an ergonomic chair for your job. Your body should be held in a balanced and straight position allowing your head to sit naturally on the shoulders. It is important to make sure that you are not plunging forward to the direction of the computer.

Stretch after Every sitting Session

Every freelance writer should learn to stretch their body especially in the opposite direction from the sitting direction and position. Clasp your arms at your back to open your chest and allow your head to fall back. You can also lie straight on the floor while resting your legs against a wall and your feet facing up to allow a change of circulation.

Don’t Remain Indoors All the Time

Catch some fresh air from outside to change the environment you have been working from. This is especially if you are working on a difficult exercise. Your mind needs to get refreshed and get new ideas to help you solve your problem. It will help you avoid the stress that can be harmful to your health.

Remember to Take lots of Water

A freelance writer can easily get tempted to keep taking coffee, which is what most of them do. However, you don’t want to get jittery by staying awake into the night all the time. For that reason, it is very helpful to keep hydrating your body by taking lots of water. If you dehydrate your body, you can easily get headaches and fatigue that will even make it difficult for you to stay focused. It is better to spice the water if you find it boring by adding lemon, ginger, mint or cucumber. Tea can also be a good alternative for coffee at times to create a soothing effect on your body.

Final Advice

To be a successful freelance writer at, you need to manage your body in ways that will make you productive at all times. Follow these tips to stay healthy as a writer if you want to stay fruitful for a long time.