Top 6 Healthy Foods to Effectively Improve Your Memory

By arya

Eating well is not only vital for physical health but mental health as well. Besides genetics and environment, food or basically what we consume defines how the body will operate which is usually the outcome of brain functioning. Commonly, people having deficiency symptoms are devoid of the right food. Short term memory or memory loss is really trivial these days. And if not memory loss, having a good memory seems to be a blessing as you will be able to remember things and be better at grasping them. These listed foods can be of immense help if you plan to improve your memory.


Since ages, people are advised to have almonds on a daily basis as these are popularly known as brain food. Consuming the right amount of almonds can do wonders when it comes to enhancing memory. Water soaked almonds are considered better because they are easier to digest and absorb.

They are not only rich in multiple nutrients that keep the brain power in check but also contain substantial amounts of vitamin E, omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids, that help in defense against age-related issues and inflammation.

Extra Virgin olive oil

It is one of the significant components of the Mediterranean diet, that is by far considered the healthiest food for longevity. It is a storehouse for unsaturated fatty acids. This improves memory retention and learning abilities. Olive oil consumers tend to have lower risks of Alzheimer’s diseases and brain inflammation. Moreover, olive oil increases the biological process of autophagy which is basically the cleaning of the brain from dirt and promoting the growth of healthy elements.


Blueberries are one of the best amongst the list of widely consumed brain foods. They are rich in antioxidants which tend to accumulate in the brain and enhance inter-cell communication, in turn, the coordination. These are popular for improving memory and reduces ailments like short term memory loss. Antioxidants work against stress and aging of the brain, keeping the age-related memory loss at bay. Some of the studies consider stress as a prominent reason for cognitive decline and blueberries contain nutrients which are found as major stress busters.

Green tea

Among n number of benefits of green tea, one is improving memory or cognitive functions of the brain. The working memory of the mind gets elevated many folds due to the daily consumption of green tea. It is very beneficial to the patients of dementia, who have to deal with impaired memory, even when counting daily chores. Green tea is minimally processed, thus it is seemingly rich in antioxidants than the typical tea. It’s mindful to visit trusted places like in order to enjoy a fresh cup of green tea and other healthy delicacies that keep up active and fit.

Fish oil

Fish oil is extracted from fishes higher in fat content or the popular fatty fishes. It is an affluent source of omega 3 fatty acids, responsible for mental and brain health. Omega 3 fatty acids compliment the development and maintenance of the brain throughout life. They are thought to be an excellent cure for cognitive impairment and related diseases. Fish oil has a significant content of antioxidants serving anti-inflammatory functions. It reduces age-related mental decline.

Whole grains

Whole grains are energy sources for the entire body. And nearly 20% of all the produced energy is consumed by the brain. So, to concentrate and grasp things, it is apparent that the brain gets the energy it needs for vital functioning. Sufficiently energy supplied mind stays alert and is better at remembering and analyzing things. Whole grain has omega fatty acids and fibers which ensure proper blood supply to the brain, and thus the memory stays healthy and improves in the long run.