Why You Should Use a Free Logo Maker for Your Business

By arya

There are several reasons why you should use a free logo maker for your business.

Are you one of the 15% of very small businesses that don’t have a logo?
Do you feel like a logo isn’t really necessary for a company like yours?
Think again.

No matter how small your business is, having a logo helps you create a memorable brand, improve your online presence, and reach more customers.

Worried that having a logo created will cost too much?

Use a free logo maker instead – keep reading to find out why they’re such useful tools.

1.Having a Logo Makes Your Brand More Memorable

Are you one of several companies offering the same product in your area?

It’s often hard for customers to tell small businesses apart, especially if they have similar company names and offer similar services.

Creating a unique logo is an easy way to make your brand much more memorable. You can add it to business cards, uniforms, vehicles, and ads to create a coherent brand image.

2.You Can Easily Experiment with Styles

Using a free logo maker doesn’t require any design expertise, so it’s easy to try out a range of different logo styles.

You could opt for a subtle, classic design that’s just your brand name and a few clear lines. Or, you could add a simple icon-style image that helps sum up your brand without extra words.

Geometric designs are popular right now, as are crossed lines.

3.It’ll Be Good for Your Online Presence

Do you have a business website? A Facebook page?

Chances are, you have at least some kind of online presence, and having a logo to use as your avatar helps to reassure customers that they’ve found the right page.

This makes it easier for them to find you on multiple different platforms, meaning you’ll get more followers and more business.

4.It’s Cheaper Than Hiring a Designer

Hiring a designer can quickly add up, even if you only want a simple logo.

However, using a free logo designer allows you to make a logo that’s just as professional and usable, without having to spend a single penny. For small businesses without a huge budget, this is a smart move.

All you’ll have to spend is the time it takes to create your dream logo.

There’s nothing to stop you having your logo updated by a professional if you have more funds in the future.

5.You’ll Have Complete Creative Control

When you use a free logo maker, you’re in complete control.

Want to use a rare font? No problem.

Want to make it bright pink? Go ahead.

You can experiment to your heart’s desire, and could even create several logo options that you then allow customers to vote on. You’d never be this involved in the process if you hired someone else to do it.

When Should You Use Free Logo Maker?

If you’re about to start a new business, now is the perfect time to use a free logo maker. Having a recognizable logo right from the start helps to build your brand image and get people thinking about you.

If you’ve been operating for a while without a logo, don’t despair – it’s never too late to create your first business logo.

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