Ideas for Small Homes’ Decor You Will Love

Having your own space sometimes comes with a lot of sacrifices, especially if you live in the centre of the town. When you search for a convenient location, you might get only a small apartment, if you’d rather have a house in a calm neighbourhood, you have to deal with everyday traffic. If you choose the first option, you are forced to look for a design that will visually make your space look bigger and fresh. Are you interested in finding what’s in? Get the contemporary look with those simple tricks!

Create extra storage space with bespoke furniture

The best way to extend your storage space is to hire professionals that will design the furniture heaven. Sliding doors wardrobes are not only convenient but can be used as decor as well. Instead of timber-like finish, go for glass doors. It’s the easiest way to make space visually double. If you’re looking for a more traditional finish, opt for lighter shades of wood. They will bring the airy freshness back to the room.

Bespoke storage is also a wonderful option for a kitchen. You can choose an island for additional working surface or just design kitchen cabinets with enough storage that will truly transform your small space into a capacious area.

Choose light colours and contemporary style

If you’re looking for home inspiration online or in magazines, you can spot one common feature. For smaller spaces, designers often choose a minimalist look. It helps to unclutter the space and focus only on a few key decorations. Contemporary style can add the warmth and homey feel to your home. One of the most popular ways to open up the area is Scandinavian style. Woods and writes, natural greens and minimal accessories is what makes the style so desired all over the world.

In terms of lighting, an ornamented chandelier may look good in a ballroom, but in a small room, it visually lowers its height of it. Spotlighting is a way better solution. It can highlight corners or darkest areas of the room and increase the feeling of lightness and space.

The design, that can also help you to stretch the space is the conscious use of vertical and horizontal stripes on the walls or the floor. It enhances the impression of action and smooth slipping of eyes after succeeding elements of equipment. It is worth considering the application of this type of optical solution by using long furniture made of plywood with a clear vertical division of the fronts or floors arranged parallel to the longer walls.

Make some use of the tiny balcony

Not all of us can rely on an additional space that the balcony creates, but you can still make use of the tiniest space you have. You can do this by choosing the Juliet balcony design, made with frameless glass and metal handrails. It will grace you with the freeing feeling that only opening your balcony door during a warm summer will give you. The simplistic yet elegant design is what you need to make your apartment feel flawless.