6 Reasons Why Silicone Wristbands are Better than Paper Tickets

Silicone Wristbands

If you are planning an event with a lot of guests, then silicone or rubber wristbands may have earned a mention during the brainstorming session on how to organize your admission process. Wristbands have been gaining prominence as a way of managing guests and admissions because they offer more advantages, both practical and aesthetic, compared to paper tickets. Are you considering switching from paper tickets to wristbands? Here are some of the benefits that you stand to gain by making this decision:

1. Visibility

This is likely among the biggest advantages of choosing silicone wristbands over paper tickets at events. Wristbands can be manufactured in bright, neon colors that are hard to miss, making them easily identifiable to security, who tend to be easily overwhelmed by a large volume of guests. Besides its literal visibility, it offers the event sponsors an avenue to promote their brand by featuring their logos on the wristbands themselves.

2. Security

Try to think back to the way admissions are usually conducted at concerts, events, and festivals: there are ink stamps that tend to be messy or fade easily; ID passes that are not only unflattering, but are also very easily forged; and finally, the paper ticket. This is not to say that those methods were ineffective, but having a wristband has proved to be a far superior option in terms of security, convenience, and practicality. Silicone wristbands are not easily lost compared to ID passes and paper tickets, and tend to be difficult to be faked or transferred to a friend. Event organizers have even been using various wristband colors to differentiate between VIP guests, days of the event, staff members, and even to monitor underage patrons.

3. Durability

Weather and bad luck are unpredictable and are an event planner’s biggest fears. Paper tickets dissolve easily in the rain, are easily torn beyond recognition, and are easily forged. Silicone wristbands can be manufactured to be lightweight, waterproof, and tamper proof, making it stay on the wrist rain or shine. You will never have to worry about your guests tampering with them, throwing them over the fence to a friend, or having disappointed guests complain about disintegrating paper tickets.

4. Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness
Custom silicone wristbands give event or festival organizers an additional avenue to generate more revenue. By simply branding a wristband with text, logos, and graphics, organizers are able to generate hype and excitement about the event, as well as for future events. Emblazoning the wristbands with your sponsors’ information could also be one way to create additional revenue and even get the wristbands done at minimal to no cost at all!

5. Memorability

Brightly colored and durable silicone wristbands can also serve as a keepsake from the event. Aside from boosting brand awareness, designing a unique and durable silicone wristband helps your brand create a connection and foster good customer relationship with guests at your event. Plus, wristbands are much easier to collect and maintain compared to a flimsy paper ticket or a concert shirt.

6. Eco-Friendly Alternative

Eco-Friendly Alternative
Not only are silicone wristbands memorable, durable, and practical all around for event organizers, it also provides a far more efficient and environment-friendly alternative. Gone are the days when guests save their tickets in a scrapbook; these days tickets are usually discarded and can even create more litter at your venue. Wristbands, on the other hand, can be collected, kept and reused as an accessory for many years.

Silicone wristbands are truly the future for event admission solutions, as it offers many benefits to both patrons as well as event organizers themselves. You should start looking up manufacturers for customized silicone wristbands for your next event, and say goodbye to the headaches caused by distributing paper tickets to your guests.