5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Holidays

Stay Healthy

After Summer, the holidays are the second favorite time of the year. The holidays are filled with lots of love, laughter, food, parties, etc. with family and friends. During the holiday season, we often lose our normal routines and get so consumed with the shopping and partying that we can forget to take care of ourselves.

If you are one of those overly busy persons who is running around trying to shop, attends every party, while decorating your home, here arefive ways to stay happy and healthy through the active holiday season.

1. Avoid Overeating

Let us all be honest and face the reality that food rules the holidays.From formal dinners to holiday parties, the majority of time goes into the planning, preparation, and consumption of food. To avoid gaining excess pounds (as most holiday dishes are usually high in fat and sugar), try to avoid loading up on appetizers, desserts, heavy sauces made with cream, and fatty meats. Instead, try eating a healthy snack prior to attending the dinner or party. Once at the party, stick to salads, cooked vegetables and low-calorie desserts.

2. Stay Active

Stay Active
Even through the holidays, it is important to keep physically active. Again, you consume a lot of calories during the holidays and exercising will help combat that. You can increase the number of days or thelength of timethat you spend exercising to burn the additional calories you intake. In addition to burning the extra calories, exercise always help reduce stress and can be some quiet time for yourself.

3. Limit YourConsumption of Alcohol

Limit YourConsumption of Alcohol
Alcohol also packs on the pounds and a stomach if you aren’t careful. Besides causing weight gain, consuming a lot of alcohol during the holidays can be dangerous for those who suffer from depression. Also, it is very important not to drink and drive as alcohol related accidents surge during the holidays.

4. Stay Rested

Stay Rested
Making sure to get plenty of rest and staying hydrated is an important key to staying healthy during the holidays. When you do not get enough rest you make yourselfsusceptible to catching a cold or flu. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or tired, it is ok to take a break from holiday shopping or skip that one party. It is better to miss a few hours than be out for the whole holiday season.

5. Remember YourMentalHealth

Mentall Health
During the holidays are when those who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety or depression have to pay extra close attention to triggers that can set them off. Try to avoid straining yourself financially, family conflicts, and the feeling of meeting everyone’s high expectations including your own. As stated above, make sure to get plenty of rest and exercise (exercise releases happy endorphins). Schedule time to relax and pamper yourself, as during the holidays we tend to neglect ourselves.

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