6 Effective Methods For Pest Control

By arya

One of the most vexing issues with homes and offices is the role of pest control that is required to be undertaken. Most properties need periodic pest removal actions or else it would cause damage to property and the health of those who reside in them. When it comes to common pests, there are a variety of types and kinds of them. Each one of these requires a specialized approach that takes into account the different feeding and breeding habits of the vectors. Considering the high cost that pest infestation can bring about in homes and offices, it is better to take preventive steps beforehand.

Ultrasonic pest control

This works by producing loud sounds that are in the ultrasonic range which we humans cannot hear. The pests and other rodents are affected by the sound and hence they tend to keep a safe distance from the areas under protection. One of the main advantages of the method is that there are no odors or unpleasant materials to be handled. It is more of a preventive action than a method to eliminate the pests. In fact, the use of ultrasonic sound waves is considered to be at the forefront of pest control and protection against infestations. It is possible to reach out to the most hidden corners and nooks with a single device.

Chemical pesticides

This is the most common form of eliminating pests and rodents from premises. But the most damning thing about pesticides is that they are equally harmful to humans as well. So, care must be taken to see that food and water sources must be kept well protected when using the agents as far as possible. Often it is seen that the chemical agents tend to cause discoloration to fabric and other items of furnishings if not properly shielded.

Biological control

With the use of biological agents, natural enemies of the pests are introduced to the premises. At Bennetts Services Brisbane, some of the most effective ways of combating termites are practiced and used at will. It has been known for its efficiency and effectiveness to find a lasting solution to the problem. Protection against termite attacks is a common feature of any pest extermination and constitutes a major part of the protection plans. It is by far a more ecologically sensitive method to controlling pests and rather a safe one too.

Control through better hygiene

One of the most common ways that breed pests and rodents is the presence of a poor environment. That is, there is waste and other material that leads to the proliferation of such pests. The best method to take is to keep the premises as clean as possible. This would eliminate the recesses and spaces that often the pests take to breed and infest the surroundings. Food must be disposed of unless in use and waste management must be a priority to those wanting to keep the premises clean as far as possible.

Use of traps

Traps are a convenient method of clearing out pests and rodents all the time. Here it must be understood that each type and kind of pests require a specific trap or such implement. What might be useful in the case of rats or rodents would not be effective in the case of cockroaches and mites. Even between the mites and cockroaches, it takes a different type of trap to catch them both and not the one and the same implement. It is possible to get an expert opinion on the setting up of traps and controls to eliminate pests from properties.

Calling in an exterminator

In the most basic sense, an exterminator is someone that gets rid of pests and rodents from a home premise or the office. Most exterminator services are manned by people who have had specialized training and know how that they can be taken to be the one-stop solution to the need of pest control most of the time. It would be advisable to give the person sufficient time in hand to plan out a course of action and to implement it most of the time. Since exterminator services do not come cheap, it is mostly that the services are used when things get really out of hand. The most advisable thing to do would be to call in the exterminator on a regular basis rather than when it is needed.


Few health hazards are as acute as rodent and pest control in homes and offices. The very nature of the infestation tends to be such that people often take very extreme steps to clear out spaces which would otherwise have made it unbearable. At the same time, it must be noted that pest control must be left to the experts and any action must be such that it prevents further infestation later on in the future.