How to Choose a Flat Shoe that is Comfortable!

Flat Shoe

When we’re out shopping for shoes, especially flats, comfort is an element that we’re always looking out for!

The design of most women’s shoes is overwhelmingly dictated by looks, and hence comfort is often neglected to a large extent. Even when we buy flat shoes hoping to give our feet some relief, we often find our soles starting to hurt after walking around for only a while.

We can easily elude this problem by choosing the right type of flat shoes!

All we need to do is keep an eye out for certain design aspects that truly define comfortable flats for women! In order to help you out, we’ve listed a few design elements that you need to look out for when buying flat shoes. So let’s get started!

1.Look for shoes made out of stretchy materials

Look for shoes made out of stretchy materials
Most shoes have a ‘break-in’ period during which the material actually stretches out, and then proceeds to slowly relax back in until it comfortably hugs onto your feet. This is why you often notice your flats become more comfortable after wearing them a few times.

So when buying flat shoes, always look for stretchy materials rather than rigid and hard ones that tend to be extremely uncomfortable!

2.Padding and Cushioning

Flat shoes that have adequate padding and cushioning tend to be much more comfortable. This is one of the most crucial design elements to look out for when buying shoes for comfort. Always ensure the shoes that you buy are well-padded, and the padding is soft and comfortable.

However, try to avoid flats that have overly supple padding as they tend to create issues with balance, and can end up doing more harm than good.

3.Ensure the material is breathable

Ensure the material is breathable
If you’re not a fan of walking around with sweaty feet, make sure the material of your shoes is high on breathability.

This is especially important if you’re planning on traveling because your feet can become really hot and uncomfortable if your shoes are not well aired!
Alternatively you can look into getting an some breathable insoles for flats. This way you get the best support and comfort that you need.

4.Look for shoes with rubber soles

Rubber soles are usually the best at absorbing shocks, and hence do a tremendous job at reducing the impact between your foot and the ground when you’re walking around. This makes sure your feet don’t get tired easily, and also protects your heels from injury.

5.The right upper cut height of the heels

The right upper cut height of the heels
Always look for a slight elevation in the upper cut of the heels when you’re buying flat shoes.

An uppercut height that is too high will be very comfortable, while a low uppercut height is even more dangerous – often causing serious foot and back pain.

So always try to find flats that have the upper cut of the heels at just the right elevation.


Shoes can be deceiving, and it’s essential that you keep an eye out for the above design elements when buying your next pair of flats!

We hope we’ve managed to help you out in choosing the right pair of flat shoes through our article!