10 Lingerie Rules Every Woman Should Know

By arya

“Dude! Why do you have these granny pants?”
Sounds familiar? You have probably heard this once in your life from your girlfriend while getting ready for a hip event.

Women are naturally bodacious and can rock anything they want just with a hint of confidence. And what you wear on the inside plays an important role in making you feel like a goddess.

Lingerie is a reflection of your body goals. It’s your truest, naked form of self and should therefore always speak volumes. However, many women do seem to neglect the ABC’s of owning lingerie.
With that in mind, we are here to help you step up your lingerie game.

1.One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

Lingeries are funky; they are there for you to have some fun with and for you to be playful with. Body shapes and sizes vary, and since clothes come in S to XL, the same applies for your lingerie.

When you buy sizes that are too tight, you can get back pains and impaired blood flow. And if you go too loose, it won’t make you feel as fabulous as you want.
Avoid these problems by asking for professional help at the store. And keep trying on the sets until you can say “Hallelujah!”

2.The Fabric Matters

Sometimes you want your lingerie to be spunky and serious. And you definitely don’t want it to be flashy wardrobe disaster. Lacy bras or panties may look great, but they can sometimes make your clothing uneven.

This is not only inappropriate for some places, but they become uncomfortable when worn for longer hours. To move past this, choose lingerie that has a smooth texture. The material for casual wear should be soft and blend in with your clothes, with no outlines to trace.

3.Know Thy Shape!

We have medium girls, we have plus sized ones and we’ve got skinny girls as well. Thankfully, bras have revolutionized throughout the decades, constantly reforming and catering to our needs.

There are pointy bras and overly round shaped ones too. While they may look pretty, not all shapes will float your boat. With sportswear, you’ll need heavy duty sports bras. According to Favable, with elegant dresses, a nice push up bra will give you the boost you need.

Consult the store professional and have some research done to know the right shape to wear for your Betty Boops!

4.Color Me Wild!

Colors are the vibrant essence of your personality and your mood. All colors can make you feel great but there is a catch- not all colors are meant for every occasion.

When you want to feel sultry and attractive, deep purple or a bold red would suffice. Orange, however, is another story. Choose your color based on the occasion.
You can go for cool, mute ones when it’s a relaxed setting or loud, boisterously warm ones when you got your party on. As for the classics, you can never go wrong with a simple black lingerie set!

5.Set the Right Color Combos

Imagine if yellow and orange was the theme of your office dress code. Before you mentally cringe to this, we will stop. While no hate for these colors individually, together they are fit for a clown costume.

Pairing your lingerie can be a big game changer to how you look and how you feel. Some combos can be a lucky fit, while others are simply a disaster.

Stores that sell lingerie in pairs, can be your start pointing to experiment. Try out colors that compliment you the most. Mixing and matching can be quite fun if you know what you’re doing, so give it a go!

6.Material Quality for Power Play

Materials are going to help you thrive. If you get lingerie set that tears the moment you exert a bit of force, the thread tension loosens itself. This will result in a droopy bra or loose underwear.

Your best bet would be to buy lingerie made of durable quality material. Ones that are made with cotton and elastane are usually the most comfortable and strong. These materials reduce stretches, tears or wearing out.


Sporty or bold, flirty or repressed – lingeries project your style. Your style doesn’t have one dimension to it. Rather, there are several aspects of your personality and you get sport the one that best tingles your fancy.

Wearing a thong every day probably is not a good idea. And wearing a tight boxer to work can leave you cranky. Figuring out your style by mixing it up every day will help you balance comfort with fashion.

8.Keep the Outdoor and Indoor Lingerie Separate

If you didn’t know, outdoor lingerie and indoor lingerie is actually a thing. There are people who sleep with their lingerie on and there are people who wear lingerie on a regular basis.

Sorting out your indoor and outdoor sets will keep your health intact. At the same time, it will keep the lifespan of your lingerie flourishing.

The materials you get for lingeries that are meant for a plain Jane day at the house will be quite different from the materials you get for the times you are out conquering the world. So, choose accordingly!

9.Daily Dose of Lingerie

While being off lingerie duty at home is not a myth, there are sisters out there who just prefer lingerie as comfort clothing. For those who wear them at home, you obviously want to be comfortable.

Silk is definitely not always the perfect choice. You should opt for lingerie that is designed to serve the purpose of daily usage without having wear and tear incidents.

10.Complement and Compliment

Lingerie is beautiful. They don’t leave out any woman from enjoying their femininity. They are designed to enhance your body and get you a quick compliment as well.

Choose the right shape, size, color, and fabric that best suits your body. The lingerie you wear should bring out your skin tone while complementing your shape and curves.

Words of Wisdom

Your body is a temple and you should respect it. No matter what body shapes you have, you will always be attractive and ample.

Lingerie does not boost your confidence. Rather it adds value to your already powerful self.

To get the best out of your beloved lingerie, avoid these 10 common mistakes women make. Restart with the new knowledge you have and keep your lingerie looking great!

Author Bio:

Angie Grey, an expert author from Faveable.com brings you all you need to know about fashion and grooming. She loves the outdoors and travels the world like a nomad.