Why Do People Drink Coffee Every Morning?

By arya

Some people might wonder why coffee is synonymous with mandatory drink in the morning. Not without reason, besides providing energy to go through the day, drinking coffee in the morning has historical origins. The culture of drinking coffee in the morning has become a tradition carried out by many coffee drinkers throughout the world. Then why should we drink coffee in the morning? Here’s the explanation.

Drinking coffee is Certainly Better than Alcoholic Beverages

Yes, the coffee in the morning of course is better than alcohol. At the beginning of the introduction of coffee as a drink in the morning in Europe, coffee served to eliminate residual alcohol at night. In fact, caffeine helps “get rid of” the remnants of alcohol left behind after a long night party. In addition, coffee also replaces the function of alcohol which is often consumed by Europeans even at breakfast. To note, beer and other drinks have been consumed at all times even in the morning.

Before coffee was present as a drink in the morning, various countries in Europe had the habit of consuming alcohol in the morning. The Romans used to eat bread by dipping it into a glass of wine. In 1890 British soldiers needed rum and tea to start their day more enthusiastically. Whereas in Germany, of course the people needed beer even at breakfast.

The arrival of coffee in the late 1700s and later in the early 1800s, at first was an aristocratic drink before then transforming into a drink for all circles. And this phenomenon really changed almost all of Europe. As quoted by Mark Pendergast in his Uncommon Grounds article: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed the World, “aristocratic drinks have become” drugs “needed by the wider community”.

Coffee Helps the Development of the Industrial Revolution

During the Industrial Revolution, textile workers were greatly helped by consuming coffee. At that time, workers worked all day with very long working hours and were paid very low wages. To save money from consuming food, they consumed coffee. Caffeine was proven to help them.

Coffee Gives Energy, But Not Intoxicating

When we sip a cup of coffee the first thing in the morning, we feel the “kick” of enthusiasm that only comes from drinks. It’s no secret that coffee drinkers are usually more enthusiastic, happier and stronger. And they won’t get it if they miss their morning coffee. Coffee, especially those made from organic coffee beans, gives us something active. But of course the effect is different from what alcohol is given. Coffee gives us a breakthrough but it doesn’t make us drunk. Of course coffee and alcohol have different effects huh?

And in the morning when you wake up you need something to “kick” us through a long day. Here coffee takes its role. Even though coffee is not a drink in the morning, at all times, try getting up early and brewing your coffee yourself. Some people claim that brewing your own coffee in the morning and enjoying it without rushing it will be the beginning of a good day and end pleasantly.

Ideally Coffee is drunk before 10 am

This is because when you wake up your stress level usually increases. At that time the hormone cortisol which triggers stress levels in the body also increases. So before something happens, you should go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and enjoy it slowly while breathing fresh air.

Hopefully this article can inspire you about how you should start your days. Thank you for reading!