Etiquettes Of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

By arya

It is no easy task when it comes to bridesmaid dress shopping. It is probably equally stressful as wedding dress shopping if not more. Because you are dealing with multiple people here which means, different styles, budgets and preferences. Even though it might sound daunting, you can choose to make it a very enjoyable process with you and your girls. There are some things, however, that you should keep in mind prior to shopping for the dresses that we have covered in this article.


Bridesmaid dresses will require the same amount of research like your wedding dress did. If you have decided on the look you are going for, then you can start making appointments and get everything done ahead of time. Browse through websites, stop at salons and flip through wedding magazines. Get all the information you need such as colour schemes, silhouettes and more. Design and inspiration board and have your friends pool in their ideas and opinions.

Being open about budgets

Budget can be a very sensitive topic and not everyone feels comfortable in taking about it openly. But in spite of this you have to sit your girls down individually if not together and do not put off this conversation as uncomfortable it might be for you. Although in most cases, it will be fine because you will have a close enough bond with them to talk about these things. Don’t worry about finding affordable bridesmaid dresses because you will be able to do so easily with the number of options out there be it something off the rack or renting a high end designer dress.


People tend to forget about this part when they are deciding on the time and budget which can go up to more than $100. So make sure you let your party know that they will most probably be needing alterations so they can adjust their budgets accordingly.

Your tall friends might need extra length added to their dresses especially when they will be wearing high heels. This means you should make sure the necessary accessories such as shoes are available during fitting so the right measurements are taken, and there is no kind of mishap on the wedding day.

Begin shopping

You should start shopping for dresses at least 8 months before the wedding day. This way there will be enough of a cushion for you and no one will have to rush anything. You might even come across some great deals. Also, dresses take around 5-6 months to deliver because most designers are situated overseas. So you should have placed all orders together on the same time to prevent any delays.


Make sure you have measurements taken professional because all designers have different types of measurements. This is highly crucial because all bridesmaids should be measures correctly so problems are avoided in the future. This means going to a professional seamstress instead of having the sales staff measuring them.