Top 5 Great Places To Stay And Experience The Best Fishing Trips In Australia

Fishing Trips In Australia

Fishing is the most common activity done by males in Australia. It is the best way to have fun and relaxation for the whole family regardless of age.

Australia is well known for its fishing because of its coastlines that are rich in fish all over the country, ranging from the south with cool waters to the tropical. There are popular pursuits including beach fishing, flat fishing and rock fishing depending on the style you choose. You can just grab your fishing tackle backpack and head out to these great spots to set up for the day.

The following are some of the great places that can offer the best fishing experiences in Australia:

1. The Northern Territory

The Northern Territory
Also known as the Top End, the Northern Territory encompasses Kakadu National Park and Darwin, makes it reputable for barramundi fishing.

  • Barra build-up and Barra run-off are the best times that you can do your fishing within this region. They occur from October to December and from February to May.
  • Daly River, Shady Camp, Adelaide River and Mary River are the top fishing spots.
  • Kakadu National Park, and South and East Alligator River are the top spots for boat fishing.
  • Deep fishing is also available regardless of the time of the year.

2. Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth, Western Australia
Exmouth borders Ningaloo Reef, which was listed by World Heritage as the largest fishing reef in the world.

  • Exmouth is surrounded by clear waters that contain many whale sharks between March and October. The waters are also residence to a diverse range of fish including bonefish, blue bone, milkfish, queenfish, tuna and many more. This is the destination where most fishermen dream to go because of the beautiful surroundings and the diversity of fish available.
  • A few kilometers away lies the continental shelf, which offers superb deep-sea fishing of game fish. Here you will find all the six Australian billfish species.
  • Moreover, there is a variety of fishing options such as sight casting and prowling.

3. Central Highlands, Tasmania

Central Highlands, Tasmania
The central highlands of Tasmania offer the best spot for trout fishing since there are more than 3,000 lakes within this area.

  • Authors Lake is well known for brown trout between August and May.
  • During spring, the highland waters make fly-fishing to be very fascinating.
  • The perfect season for fishing is summer in the southern hemisphere.
  • The east coast towns, particularly St. Helens, offer the best ocean fishing.

4. Cairns, Queensland

Cairns, Queensland
This is the perfect place to come on holiday, especially if you would love to catch the Pacific game fish species.

  • Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef form an area called the Black Marlin Capital of the World where 70% of all black marlin can be found every year.
  • There are tropical waters that are adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef that contains a lot of baitfish and plankton, which in turn helps in the attraction of other species including yellow fish, tuna, barracuda and among others.

5. Gippsland, Victoria

Fishing Trips In Australia
Not so many fishing spots can beat Gippsland when it comes to diversity. Gippsland Victoria offers a variety of coastal lakes, rivers and other empty beaches.

  • The southern coastal region has mountain streams with brown and rainbow trout.
  • You can fish in the coastal waters to catch silver trevally, King George Whiting, Australian salmon and many more.
  • Gippsland has top spots such as vacation hamlet of lakes entrance and Avon River, which has brown trout and Redfin.

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