Engagement Photo Sessions with Dogs that will make you Blush

By arya

You have everything you need for your engagement photos. Your sweetheart, the right outfits, your beautiful baguette ring to show off. What else would make your photography session special? That’s right, your dog!

They’re your best friend. Their little wagging tails and their happy smiles let you know you’re loved unconditionally. You want to show that your puppy is a valued member of your family. From Great Danes to Teacup Poodles, how can you include your furry friend in your photo session?

Find the Right Photographer

Not every photographer is comfortable around dogs. And many of the ones who are may not have experience working with dogs.

When booking your photographer, talk to them about their pet photography experience. You can also take a look at their portfolio to see how their pet-theme photos have turned out.

If these things are in line with your vision of your engagement photos with your pup, go ahead and lock down a date.

Make it Fun for Fido

Your dog may be totally into a fun day at the park, but that doesn’t mean they’ll sit and stay throughout the entire photo session. Intersperse photos with play. This will also help tire out your furry friend so they’ll be more mellow when the camera turns to them.

Your photographer can help with this. When they have experience with pets they may use props to ensure the dog participates and pays attention.

Pick the Best Location

Outdoor photo sessions are great, whether you have your dog with you or not. But what if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Always have a plan B. Is there an indoor space that will work where your dog will be comfortable? It may have to be your home, but that’s okay. Your photographer can help you make the setting perfectly romantic.

Bring All the Supplies

Before you leave for your session, don’t forget your supplies. You want to have a bowl and water for your puppy. Travel bowls are perfect when you’re on the go.

Bring their treats and their favorite toys. And, if your canine wears clothes, don’t forget their wardrobe.

It’s okay to be that obsessive pet parent and pack a bag for them like you would a toddler. It’s better to have too much and be prepared than have nothing at all.

Listen To Your Pup

Throughout the session, be sure to pay attention to your dog’s body language. Are they uncomfortable? Switch things up. Are they too excited? Play for a while to tire them out. Are they just tired? It might be time to call it a day.

A professional photographer with pet experience will also be able to notice their subtle cues and can work with them to ensure the entire experience is comfortable.

Don’t force your doggo to do things they’re not comfortable with, or you’ll have a pretty bad time.

With care and attention, your dog can complete the photo sessions you’ll remember for a lifetime. Don’t forget to:

  • Bring their treats and toys
  • Pay attention to their behavior
  • Let them rest
  • Book a photographer with pet experience
  • Find a great location
  • Have fun

Adding your furry friend to your engagement photos will be a great way to remember the moment. It’s great to include them in your family portraits and enjoy the activity together.