Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Must Have

If you plan to design or redesign your house, then here is a mini guide for you to follow, for all that must-haves you include in your living room, no matter what style or design you follow!


Everyone fancies a bit of luxury! When you are designing your living room, you must spend some money on a beautiful chandelier. Whether you install your custom made curtains before or after, make sure they complement one another. You can always choose the chandelier according to the style and size of your need, but having a chandelier is a must. They look magnificent, and they can add a look of extravagance to any space.

Plants and Flowers:

A little greenery gives a pop of color to any space. Plants and flowers look so vibrant, and they will make your living room look light and fresh. A natural plant is something that you should opt for, and keep it near a window, so it gets the desired air and sunlight. You can also keep shade loving plants and place them anywhere you want. You can also handpick a few bright colored flowers and put them in an elegant vase, and set it in any corner. Vases look the best in corners. You can also place them on shelves or near the TV area.

A Center Table:

A center table is another must because details matter the most when you’re designing your living room. No matter how great of a TV set you have or how luxurious sofa set you have, a center table has its own place and use. You can decorate the table with flower vase, antique pieces or even some candles!


Candles are a personal favorite, and they look so elegant and classy at the same time! Even if it’s not that cold, or even if you’re not planning a candlelight dinner, you still must have candles around! They make the most beautiful decorative pieces, and they make the atmosphere warm and cozy. You can also light the amazing fireside candles in your dining area if you have a dining table in your living room.


Television is that one thing that keeps everyone occupied in the living room. If you don’t like to watch TV, other people in the house or your guests will surely love to watch a grand TV. You have many options in the market to buy the TV of your choice.


A soft, comfortable rug that goes under your feet is what very living room craves. So getting a beautiful rug for your living room should be on your list as well! You should make sure that you buy a rug that is soft and has colors that contrast with your color palette and also the one that has beautiful patterns! Rugs tend to make every living room more welcoming, and they are easy to find with so many varieties of colors and sizes.


Curtains also make a huge difference and add more color and glory to your living room. They can make your living room look more refreshing and fuller. You should always pick vibrant colored curtains for your living room, so they stand out.

Family Photos:

A living room is basically incomplete without family photos. You can add as many photos as you like, or even make a gallery wall to make your living room more comfortable and personal.


The cozier a living room, the better it is. Pillows and cushions adds to the coziness of the living room and to the comfort of the sofa. Some people enjoy having cushions for extra support.

Throw Blankets:

Throw blankets are another thing that add to the comfort and coziness. You can fold them and keep them on a side, to not create a mess, and have them to get cozy and watch a movie or just to lay down.

About the Author:

This post is written by Andrea Johnson. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She is currently a student of Interior Designing at the California Arts School. She regularly writes blogs at Wax & Wick.