10 Souvenirs You Should Buy When Visiting the Philippines

The Philippine archipelago is a region of vibrant culture, history and nice beaches. The beautiful sandy white beaches and the magnificent mountains are just great to look at and to visit, and the Filipino tribes give you a taste of the simple life. In addition, filipinos show hospitality and generosity when foreign visitors and fellow filipinos are around. When Filipinos visit any place or country, they don’t go home without buying ‘pasalubong’ or souvenirs for their family.

Thus, if you happen to visit this picturesque destination, you can’t also afford to return home without some pasalubongs to display at your home or share with friends and family. The local malls and markets offer a number of souvenir stores where you can find a variety of excellent mementos. There are multiple items available in souvenir stores which, sometimes, make it hard for you to choose which ones to buy. To make this task simple, here are a few ideas for you if you are visiting the Philippines for the first time.

Philippine Tea

Philippine Tea

For the tea lovers around the globe who are visiting the Philippine islands for the first time, Carmona Retusa or the Philippine tea is a must have. Apart from the rejuvenating effect, this herbal drink has various medicinal properties like curing coughs and colds. If you happen to have a tea lover friend or family member or you yourself are a tea lover, this is a perfect souvenir to bring back home.

Philippine Sweets

Polvoron, Choc Nut and pastillas de leche etc are some of the very famous Filipino sweets that you can bring home for your friends and family. There are prepackaged versions of these sweets available at the local stores. This is a perfect way to let your friends know that you were thinking of them throughout your trip.

Filipino Fabric

Philippine markets offer a bunch of traditional fabrics. These fabrics are translucent in nature and are also blended with other fabrics like cotton, silk etc. The fabrics are occasionally decorated with traditional motifs and can be used for various types of dresses. These clothing fabrics are available in various stores in the Philippine region although they might be a little on the pricey side. If you are running low on cash, you can use personalized credit cards for the expensive items. You can check out some great credit card options and their interest rates at Crediful.Com that will be helpful in case you run out of cash during your trip.


Lambanog is a Philippine wine made from coconut. It is a very popular alcoholic drink in the Philippines produced in a traditional way. This has an alcohol content of around 30 to 50 %. Bring home the taste of the islands with a bottle of Lambanog.

Banig Mats

Nothing can be a more ideal purchase than a Banig Mat if you are visiting the Philippines. Made out of palm trees, these mats are perfect for lying around on the beaches. Also, it is used by many filipinos as a substitute for bed or foam for sleeping.

Kubing – Philippine Musical Instrument

Music is cherished by people in all cultures and musical instruments are a perfect souvenir for the music lovers. Kubing is a kind of harp made from bamboo and very popular in the Philippines.


If you are looking for a more standard and upscale gifts, pearls are a great option. Philippine is famous for the South Sea Golden Pearl, a very rare and beautiful kind of pearl produced in farms of the country.


If traveling to Philippines tops your travel charts, you can certainly use this list to shop for the perfect souvenirs that meet your needs. The country offers so much to explore and observe that it is undoubtedly a wonderful treat for the travel enthusiasts. Bring home some Filipino Pasalubongs to revive your wonderful travel memories or to amuse your friends and family.