How to Organize Your Home Room by Room

By arya

Many of us like to the idea of having an organized home where everything is in their perfect place and the space is perfectly de-cluttered. Many a times when we go on a shopping spree we tend to purchase items that we have no authentic use for or buy a lot of things of the similar kind that clutters up our living space and all of a sudden we are overwhelmed by all the disarranged jumble of things. But there are many organizational hacks which if you follow will help you to de-clutter your home and achieve a more organized and systematic way of arranging things.

Basic Organization Tips

Try Not to Own More Than You Need: Everyone has their passions and sometimes we tend to go over the top with our purchases. So the basic idea is to limit our purchases to necessity.

Eliminate unnecessary items: Many of the times our cabinets and storage spaces are clogged with items that have no authentic use. A key idea for de cluttering is to lose it if you don’t use it. Any professional junk removal company out there can help you remove your household junk. From unnecessary Tupperware to garage cleanouts they do it all.

Organizing Room By Room

Living Room: Your living room is the space where most of the flow takes place through so in order have a well-organized living space you need make sure that your furniture are placed in a way that it doesn’t interfere with the movements of the inhabitants.

Designating areas for various furniture items say a particular space for watching television, a designated seating arrangement etc. You can install shelves and racks for storing things like photos, books and decorative items etc. This way your space will be saved all the while maintaining the look of the room.


The Kitchen might sometime become a difficult to arrange area owning to numbers of activities that take place there all throughout the day. Make use of tension rods to divide up spaces in your kitchen cupboards. Don’t just simply cram up things in your cupboards and cabinets, use different spaces for grouping like items together this will save you the time of searching for any certain can or jar. Also organize your dishes and spoons and other cutlery items according to their sizes saving you unne-cessary hassle.


Bedroom is the space where we relax after a tiring day. So we need to make sure that it is especially clutter free. Install built-in shelves to serve storage purposes and you can also use the space under your bed to store stuff just make sure the under-bed storage isn’t kept in a haphazard way but stored in a neatly organized way.

Dining Room:

The Dining table of tends to become the catch-all space, particularly for the households where people don’t eat regularly at the table. In such a situation the dining space becomes a multipurpose table with odd items placed all over resulting in a cluttered up space. Define what your dining space is for and additionally you can use racks and hangers in that space to store your magazines, bills and hang your clothing articles.


Even if the bathrooms at our place is a spacious space, we tend to clutter it with many unnecessary products. The key to an organized bathroom is to let go of the used out products and bottles. Installing a med-icine cabinet to store mini products like tooth brushes, tooth paste, bottles, Q-tips and combs etc. saves up a lot of space. Towel bars can be used to hang clothes, linens and towels.


Organizing your entire house or apartment may seem like an overwhelming task to do. But a key fact to remember is that if we spend tiny amount of time and effort daily and follow all these organization tips, you can achieve the perfect organized household that looks right out of a home décor magazine cover.