Size It Up: Tips to Choose the Best Self Storage Unit

Self Storage Unit

Self-storage units are incredibly useful – albeit underrated – tools for homeowners and businesses. These units come in a variety of sizes, so you don’t pay for space you’ve no need of. But how do you know which size to choose? And when do you know if you really need one? Today we strive to answer those questions.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Storage Units

There are several key advantages of storage units, including:

  • Offers additional storage for those lacking it
  • Gives those running a business from home a professional address
  • Basically, acts like an extra room which could be anything

The only real disadvantage associated with a storage unit is that your items are not as easily accessible if they were stored in your home. This may not be a deal breaker for some, while for others it might be.
self storage

When You May Need a Storage Unit

Some people aren’t sure if they could benefit from a storage unit, regardless of the size, but if you’re looking at this you probably can. Here are just a few common examples of when you may need a storage unit, or how a storage unit could be used.

  • You’re moving or downsizing
  • You have no free room left in your closets
  • Clutter has accumulated in your home over time and you’d like to decrease it without throwing everything away
  • You need more space for your business, such as an office or special client storage
  • You need an extra dedicated space to work as a closet, library, gym, etc.

Self Storage Unit

Choosing a Unit: Think of Its Use

The first thing you want to think about when choosing a unit size is what it’s going to be used for. Will it simply be storage, or will you need to constantly access the items you’ve placed inside? If you need constant access, for example, you will need a unit large enough to fit your items AND have a little space leftover. If you are simply using it as storage, you can pack it from floor to ceiling without worry and choose a small unit.

Size Equivalencies

Here you can find the most common storage unit sizes, along with the general equivalencies as to what they can hold. Keep in mind that this is a general estimation and your needs may be slightly more or less than these.

  • 5×5: Good for storing odds and ends, could use as a small extra closet
  • 5×10: Holds about one bedroom of items, such as a dorm room’s items during summer
  • 10×10: Good for a one or two-bedroom apartment
  • 10×15: Good for a three-bedroom apartment, or a one-bedroom house; can also store a compact vehicle, dirt bikes, or four-wheelers
  • 10×20: Fits about a two-bedroom house, a large vehicle, or is an appropriate size for a small business’s storage
  • 10×30: Storage for a three+ bedroom home, a vehicle along with boxes, or appropriate for a large business storage space

Now that you have a general idea of what size storage unit you need, you can look for storage units near you online. Most storage units will tell you the sized units they have online, but if they don’t, you can always call.