Most Popular Fashion Trends that Caught Imagination of the 1950s Era

Fashion Trends

As far as fashion is concerned, the 1950s is regarded as an era of resurgence in the world of fashion and elegance. There was austerity after the war and haute fashion design witnessed renaissance in popularity. Quite a number of the most prominent names in the fashion industry started some of their own iconic designs in the 1950s.

So what were the notable fashion styles of the 1950s? What were the fashion trends that caught the visualization of that generation?

The 1950s Fashion Trends for Women

In the ‘50s, the 50s fashion style approved by women is best defined as stylish, opulent, and feminine. The hourglass shape was mainly emphasized by the outfits worn. Fashion in the fifties compared to the figure of short skirts and wide shoulders worn in the forties developed to detailed soft shoulder lines and skirts that boosted the figure of a woman.

The Dior Dress

In 1947, collection which said a lot about the look of the fifties was launched by Dior. The autograph silhouette of the collection was classified by dresses with under-mid-calf length, tiny waist, bursting skirt, rounded shoulder line, and pointed bust.

Dress Having Bolero Jacket

The available evening dresses were frequently of similar length as the day dresses and were merged with a dumpy, bolero jacket. Nevertheless, the styles began taking a new dimension with unfitted dresses and suits towards the mid-1950s, making an emergence.

Peplum Suit

Tailored suits which merged peplum jackets together with pencil skirts were in fashion for official wear during the day. In general, women wearing dresses went for patterns with a fitted bodice and full skirts.

The 1950s Fashion Trends for Men

Blame bringing the fashion of the 1950s in the limelight again on Mad Men, the television series. Even though women were agitating for more, but men in the ‘50s put their dashing selves ahead in the best possible way.

The Double Breasted Jacket

The trends for men changed a little bit at the end of the war. The suits they wore turned out to be double-breasted and broad-shouldered.

Dinner Jacket

In addition, the trousers were larger and rimmed with cuffs. The earlier placed limitations on things such as fabrics were relaxed now. Wide-ranging lapels and synchronized accessories were in trend. As a matter of fact, Savile Row brought in New Edwardian look during this period.

Over Coat

The look of that era was made up of a slightly-sparkled jacket, shoulders trailing natural lines, an overcoat, a bowler hat, and a narrow cut.

Final Thoughts

Fashion is acknowledged to change all the time. On the other hand, fashion from the 1950s changed with time, but it is one of those periods we will keep revisiting for motivation. This is the era to look forward to, if you are one of the people who prefer to regularly reinvent themselves.