Know Everything about Surgical Gynaecology Treatment

There are millions of women across the world that is facing the indecisions of having one or the other Gynaecology Procedure or surgery done. If you are also told by your gynaecologist that you are having some kind of Gynaecological problems and need a procedure or surgery, then you are not alone. But, before moving ahead with the Gynaecology Treatment, it is necessary for you to learn about the common procedures and surgeries that are being performed to treat the condition. Knowing them will keep you one step ahead and help you to understand beforehand what the procedure involves and how it is being performed. Below are some common gynaecological procedures and the surgeries that are being performed today.

Surgical Gynaecology Treatment – Cervical Cryosurgery

In your cervix there are different types of abnormal cells which need no attention as it heal by its own. But, if they don’t heal, the doctor may prescribe you with Surgical Gynaecology Treatment called Cervical Cryosurgery. This is the common Gynaecology Procedure which is being performed to freeze the sections of the cervix.

This is the Gynaecology Treatment which is very effective and it aims to destroy or eliminate the abnormal cervical cells which are showing some kind of changes and may cause cancer later. These cells are like precancerous cells and with this Gynaecology Surgical Treatment your doctor will remove the cancerous cells. This is the condition referred as cervical dysplasia.

Surgical Gynaecology Treatment – Dilation and Curettage

Commonly known as D&C, Dilation and Curettage is the common Gynaecology Procedure which is being performed to remove the uterine lining using sharp curette or a suction. It uses a surgical instrument to remove the lining. This is Gynaecology Treatment is performed in a bid to diagnose the uterine conditions like the polyps or Uterine Cancer and also the precancerous conditions like hyperplasia.
This Surgical Gynaecology Treatment is also performed by doctors after delivery to remove the placenta which remains back in uterus post delivery and cause excessive bleeding or to remove molar pregnancy and uterine fibroid tumours.

Surgical Gynaecology Treatment – Hysteroscopy

It is basically a non-surgical Gynaecology Procedure which helps the doctors to evaluate or to treat the uterine issues. The procedure is performed in a bid to remove the adhesions and to find out the intrauterine device and also for recognizing the actual cause of multiple miscarriages.

This Gynaecology Treatment involves the use of hysteroscope that resembles like a lighted, thin telescope like instrument which is put inside the uterus via vagina and the instrument captures the images of uterus and displays it on a screen for examinations and diagnosing.

Surgical Gynaecology Treatment – Pelvic Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is basically the surgical treatment which is performed after administrating general anaesthesia. In some conditions, this surgical procedure is carried out with other types of anaesthesia so as to keep the patients in full conscious while surgery is being performed. In the typical pelvic laparoscopy Surgical Treatment small incisions of half or ¾ inches are made in lower abdomen or belly bottom. CO2 or carbon dioxide is gradually pumped into the abdomen which enables the doctor to see the inner organ conditions easily. Based on the condition, the doctor may also perform Surgical Gynaecology Treatment to take tissue samples, repair the uterus, remove scaring tissues and to remove the ovaries

.Surgical Gynaecology Treatment – LEEP

LEEP or Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure is the Gynaecology Surgical Treatment which is being prescribed to patients when the PAP smear showcases some abnormal cells on cervix surfaces. In the procedure, the doctor makes use of the electrically charged thin wire loop and with the help of this wire loop they cut and remove the abnormal tissues. This is who the Surgical Gynaecology Procedure is being performed.


This is another popular non-surgical Gynaecology Procedure which is being performed by using an diagnostic tool called colposcope. It is being performed to diagnose the conditions of vagina, cervix, and vulva when the patient reports for an abnormal PAP smear. In the test, if the doctor locates any abnormal cells, then they make take samples and send it for further examination in lab.

These were some of the common Surgical Gynaecology Treatment and procedures which are being perform today by gynaecologists.