How to Find the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress?

By arya

One of the exciting days in the life of a mother is her daughter’s wedding. Watching your little girl walk down the aisle as a beautiful young woman will bring tears to your eyes. Apart from you, every eye in the venue will center on your daughter to admire her beauty. But did you know that after appreciating the beautiful bride, people usually shift to the mother of the bride? Why? The first thing they check is if there’s a resemblance between you two. Then, they’ll look to see the kind of person you are, through your appearance. Also, the guests are usually interested to see if you’re still young and sexy or old and dull.

So, what’s your plan? Will you make your daughter proud or mar her day by appearing boring? In this article, we’ve shared some tips on how to find the perfect mother of the bride dress and hair. Check them out and make that day wonderful for yourself and the bride. If you nail it, your daughter will be proud to show you off to everybody.

1. Start on time

If the date of the wedding has been fixed, start planning for the perfect mother of the bride dress. Don’t procrastinate it thinking that the time is still far. If you start your search early, you’ll have time to visit many bridal shops, boutiques, departmental stores to select your style and color. But if you shift it a few weeks to the wedding, picking the perfect dress will be nearly impossible.

2. Ask you, daughter

It’s her wedding, and many of the guests will be her friends and husband’s relative. She knows what they are like, and maybe the things they value. So, she will be in the position to tell you the colors, the patterns or even the style that will make you special. Also, don’t forget, your daughter has seen you all her life and knows what fits you the most. All those times you dressed up and attend events has shown her what you wear very well. Therefore, ask her now before she starts the wedding planning proper and doesn’t have time to pay close attention.

3. Go for comfort

We will advise you to go trendy but be careful not to imprison yourself in the dress. Get a dress that’ll be sexy but allows for free movement. Don’t go for the bulky or itchy kind of piece that will distract you and make you feel old. So, as you visit Frox of Falkirk or any other clothing store, do a little test run of the dress. Try to walk, dance and twirl in it to check if it’s comfortable for the big day. Please don’t feel shy about doing it. Weddings are always a joy, and everybody knows that. Also, you can pick a jacket or small shawl to match your choice. No one can predict the weather.

4. Select your dress according to the details

Every wedding has important details that guide the decisions of the participants. For instance, you’ll have the color, the venue and the theme. If you can’t make up your mind on how to dress, let these details guide you. First, your color must match the colors of the day and not outside it. Secondly, the venue will help you decide on how to dress-fancy or relaxed. Sometimes, couples may decide to wed at the beach or somewhere homely and relaxing. In such an event, you can wear a relaxed outfit to fit the atmosphere. If they decide to make it something fancier, you can wear a chic style or tuxedo look.

5. It mustn’t be a gown

There’s no law anywhere mandating the mother of the bride to wear a gown to the wedding. Many people don’t feel comfortable in gowns, and we’ve already discussed the importance of being comfortable in the dress. So, that’s what you should try to achieve. If you can’t enjoy the occasion in a gown, find what you want. You may go with a shirt set and skirt, a jumpsuit or even a pantsuit. Whatever suits you and make you happy, wear it and make everyone proud.

6. Don’t ignore the color palette

In choosing your mother of the bride dress, you can also rely on the color palette to guide your decision. We’re not saying to wear the same color as the bridesmaids, but you can find different shades and select what you want. Also, we’ve noticed that many mothers of the bride these days wear black.

Even though it may be your favorite, we recommend that you avoid any color that is too bright or too overdone. Don’t attract unnecessary speculation that day by choosing the wrong color.


Who said you couldn’t make that day special by nailing your mother of the bride outfit? We’ve shared the tips that will help you in the search. Try hard to follow them and watch how happy you will be at the upcoming wedding.