A Woman’s Guide to How to Wear Some Popular Types Of Trousers

By arya

There are many different styles of trousers that can be worn these days so it is really easy to become confused as to how to do it right. Do you want to style the new pair of trousers in an appropriate way? Did you see a wonderful pair at https://www.tally-weijl.com/en_UK/clothing-woman/trousers.html and you do not know how to pair it? Here are some tips.

Tapered Trousers

These trousers are somewhere between straight cut and skinny and normally have a normal fit from the thighs to the waist. They are both stylish and comfortable.

The best thing you can do is opt for a pair in a material that is luxe, like satin. Then, pair it with close-fitting top and strappy sandals. If you want to wear them to work, buy a pair that is made out of a material that is stiffer. Obviously, footwear has to be on point.

Dungarees – Overalls

While some do not even consider these to be trousers, there are many women that would love to wear a pair but do not know how to style them. If the weather is hot, wear dungarees with cropped t-shirts. If the weather is cold, opt for turtlenecks and cable knit sweaters. Since overalls are a little boy-ish, go for feminine footwear.

Sailor Trousers

Sailor trousers have a clear nautical vibe and you should embrace it. Combine a pair of white sailor trousers with boat-neck striped tops. Add a straw bag and some oversized sunglasses and you have a very stylish combo. If you want a darker look, opt for a t-shirt, blazer or tailored shirt.

Flare Trousers

These are also known as bell bottoms and were really popular during the seventies. They now made a clear comeback and it is easy to understand why since they can look great. You can wear the trousers in different ways.

One of them is to balance the silhouette with the use of a ruffled, sleeveless top. Another great option is to add a blouse or fitted t-shirt. Flare trousers can be bought in various materials. However, the common one is denim. This leads to a really casual vibe.

Palazzo Trousers

These are trousers that are really loose and flare right from the waist. They are practically opposites of skinny jeans or leggings.

When you want to wear palazzo trousers, you have to be careful with the tops as they should not be voluminous. Tops have to be close fitted. There is nothing wrong with showing skin with cropped tops. You can wear most types of shoes because they will not really be seen anyway.

Cigarette Trousers

Audrey Hepburn is responsible for the high popularity of cigarette trousers, which are also known as skinny, stovepipe or drainpipe trousers. They are super chic and can easily show off footwear. Pair the trousers with a white shirt, pearls and ballet flats. If you want to go out, combine the trousers with a sleek clutch. Obviously, you will want to accessorise. This can be done in whatever way you want.