Guide on Buying the Right Generator for your Home

By arya

Every home requires a backup source of power. Mainly because of power outages that happen without you expecting. Imagine you were hosting a birthday party or an event in your home. Then in the middle of the event, you experience a power outage. First, your event will be cut short, and you will have a terrible night in case you don’t have a backup source of power.

So, if you don’t want to be caught in such a scenario, you need to have a generator in your home. Currently, many people are purchasing generators. Yeah, it is the right move, but do all of them know what to consider before buying one?

Hopefully, they do. But if you are planning to purchase one, here are things you need to consider for you to buy the right generator for your home.

EPA Compliant

With the rise of carbon emissions, some rules govern the types of generators to be used. An EPA complaint generator is one which doesn’t produce lots of exhaust gases like Nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and hydrocarbons to the atmosphere. Which will affect your health too?

Thus, be cautious when purchasing a generator. Also, remember you have children, and you don’t want a generator that can distract them with loud noises when operational. Make sure to research for the best EPA compliant generators which are the best for your home.

Fuel Tank

With the previous power outages for the problem to be fixed, it takes hours or days. Which means you will have to stay without power for long. So, when buying a generator, you should consider the size of the fuel tank. A smaller fuel tank means that you will need to refill the generator often to avoid the generator going off.

However, when the fuel tank is large, you will have extended times of power generation and fewer times to refill the generator with fuel — depending on your usage, it’s best if you consider the size of the fuel tank.


Your neighborhood is silent, which means they don’t need unnecessary distractions. Or you have important things going on in your home, and you don’t need too much noise. With generators, there will be noise, but they do differ.

For home use, you require a quiet generator. That will give you ample time to do your things in peace and reduce distracting your neighbors too. Currently, the best low noise generators are made using the inverter technology and are known as inverter generators. You can buy a Honda generator made using this technology. They are the best in the market.

Consider a generator that has noise levels of between 50-55 decibels.


Portability corresponds with size. The bigger the generator, the harder it becomes when it comes to transporting it. But a small-sized generator is more comfortable to carry it from one place to the other. Let’s say you store your generator far from your house. Maybe in a garage or store that is not attached to your home.

When there is a power outage, you will have to carry or drive it from the store or garage to your house. If it is big, it means you will struggle to carry it, but a small one, it’s easy. So, when going to buy a home generator consider how portable the generator is.

Additionally, if you have outdoor activities or you are going camping or picnic, you will require a generator. However, if your generator is large, it will be challenging to carry it.

Power it Generates

You probably have a big house, and powering it requires high energy. So, when purchasing a generator for your home, you need to consider how much energy your household needs. With that in mind, you will have a peaceful moment making the right decision.

The devices you have in your home should give you a hint of how much power you require. Ensure that you ask about the power the generator you are willing to buy generates. When you have the right amount of energy, you will never have the stress of what devices should or shouldn’t be used when the generator is powered.


When there is heavy rainfall and power is gone. Thus, you must go and power your generator. But due to the heavy rain, you are having difficulties to power it on. Hence, it would help if you waited for the storm to reduce for you to power the generator.

That should not be the case. Maybe you have any critical skype call or meeting with your associated, but due to power outage, you cannot continue. To avoid such a situation, you must purchase a generator that can be ignited remotely using an electric remote.

There are so many generators made with this technology. Don’t go buying a generator that you must power it on manually.

Fuel Type

Depending on the home generator, you purchase the fuel you will be using is very important. Another thing you need to consider when it comes to fuel type is the availability of the fuel. You don’t want to use fuel that can be hard to find.


If you are looking forward to buying a generator for your home. Then these are the things you need to consider. They will help you in purchasing the right and efficient generator that will serve you perfectly.

Thank you for reading this guide. Please share it with friends and family so that they can get educated about generators.