Glo – The Holy Grail of Online Yoga Classes

In today’s world, yoga and meditation is a must to maintain sanity and overall fitness and well-being. However, our busy schedules make it harder to practice on a daily basis – this is where online classes come in handy, more specifically, Glo. Glo is a largely recognized online yoga service that makes peace and balance available to one’s life at the touch of a fingertip.

An Array of Programs

Anyone who has wandered into the world of yoga will undoubtedly agree that there is no one-size fits all program. Everyone functions at their own pace and are always on different levels. While rummaging through online yoga classes, it can be frustrating to find a course that can meet you at your current level while helping you to elevate to the next. Fortunately, Glo takes a much different approach.

One of the distinct qualities that make Glo stand out from its competitors is the diversity of its available programs. Whether you are just beginning or are a master at the teaching level, there is a course tailored for you. What’s more, the segments are even broken down to reach more specific needs. With over 3,500 choices, you can partake in classes that strengthen one or more particular areas of the body, focus strictly on balance and stability, enhance your flexibility, or even help you attain ease in other areas of your life such as gaining restful nights, combating the uncomfortable side effects of menstrual cycles or menopause, eliminating pain within the body, trying to conceive, or eliminate postpartum issues. Glo offers a variety that is unparalleled to all other online yoga classes.

The World Is Your Yoga Class

With Glo, the world is your yoga studio – you can practice whenever, wherever. No more rushing to the yoga studio at 7 AM sharp or fighting off 5 o’clock traffic so that the classes aren’t too packed when you arrive. These featured online yoga classes can be enjoyed on your time, wherever you feel comfortable. Imagine posing in your backyard while awaiting sunrise or getting a deep stretch in before a long night’s rest in the comfort of your bedroom.

Elevate Yourself As A Whole

It is well-known that yoga is a practice that enriches the individual as a whole – it feeds the mind, body, and soul. And Glo really does a stellar job at highlighting this truth. If you are just needing to be put forth in the present moment with pure clarity, there are breathing courses that you can delve into. If you are experiencing issues with certain energy centers within the body, there are videos designed to both strengthen and bring each particular chakra into balance.

Glo Is Designed For Your Ease

When you are in search of zen, the last thing you want to deal with is complicated technology. Fortunately, both the app and the Glo website is super user-friendly. The features are in plain sight, making it easy to thoroughly browse and find exactly what you are needing. Also, because browsing through over three thousand videos can be understandably overwhelming, you can filter through the options using keywords, duration, and video suggestions.

To make things even sweeter, choosing Glo over many other online yoga classes and local studios will likely save you a big chunk of change. Instead of dishing out on pricey monthly rates and drop-in costs, this service only costs $18 per month with no commitment. Whether you are living the lifestyle of a yogi, or just need some assistance throughout your everyday life, Glo is truly a godsend.